Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Tooth Fairy, Part 2

Do you remember the "Dear Tooth Fairy" letter my 8 year old daughter wrote a few weeks ago?

If you missed it, my 8 year old daughter lost her tooth ("lost" meaning it fell out of her mouth) at the beginning of September but then she lost it ("lost" meaning it went missing somewhere under her bed) before she could put it in her tooth fairy pillow in her bed.  So, she wrote a note to the tooth fairy saying, "I can't find my tooth.  Will you still give me money?"

The tooth fairy was very generous and did give her a shiny gold one dollar coin in exchange for just the letter and not a tooth.

Well, there is an update in the "Dear Tooth Fairy" Saga!  A letter the same 8 year old daughter wrote yesterday and put under her pillow:

Dear Tooth Fairy,  

Remember when you got a letter from me saying I lost my tooth but guess what I found it!  Please take.  You can give me money if you want.  From, your friend, (and then she signed her name).

And she taped the letter to a Ziploc baggie containing the long lost tooth.

I laughed out loud at my daughter's boldness telling the tooth fairy, "You can give me money if you want."  But, at least my daughter realized when she found the lost tooth that she owed it to the tooth fairy and was honest about it not being a newly lost tooth.

The tooth fairy did come by to collect the tooth that was rightfully hers, but left no additional money.  Only one payment per tooth, is perhaps the tooth fairy's policy?

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  1. Gotta give her credit for trying! I love how she wrote the note and cut it so intricately.

  2. that is awesome. ha ha ha... at least she was honest, right? :)


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