Thursday, April 26, 2012

We got our kids hooked on Little House on the Prairie!

As I said last Friday, it's the busy season of end-of-school year events plus a perfect storm of kid activities, so it's been a non-stop week.

This evening my husband got home a little early.  The kids all swam today in various swim workouts or lessons, (even Little Girl who was not actually signed up for any swimming but took a dip anyway -- in full clothes, no less - oh, the crazy!), so all four kids were chlorine-coated and desperately needed showering or bathing.  The house was in shambles from a hurried schedule that allowed children time to change clothes but not time to put away the clothes they'd changed out of.  There were backpacks and lunch boxes and folders and wet swim towels everywhere and also the stuffing contents of a new ladybug toy the dog got yesterday and has already gutted all over the floor!  I had gone to a store this morning but not managed to get the stuff I bought put away yet.

We really should have all buckled down and gotten done what needed to get done, but instead my husband suggested we shower everyone in record speed, eat dinner, and then watch as a family the hour and a half pilot episode of Little House on the Prairie (the original 1974 version) that we got in the mail via NetFlix.  

We never have family movie night on a school night, but I was a pretty easy sell on that idea and told him the kids could NOT go to bed late so I was game as long as we could get the movie started in time.

We did and the house is still in shambles but it was such a fun hour and a half!  The kids really enjoyed the show (who wouldn't LOVE classic Little House??) and we had some great little conversations about what life was really like for early settlers/pioneers and just how hard everyone had to work, including the kids!!

And while it was not what we should have done, it was exactly what we needed!


I am making myself feel better about the guilty pleasure of a 1.5 hour show by the fact that I spent about half the show styling Little Girl's hair.  I didn't get pictures, though, but here are a couple pictures of last week's style -- twists!!!

Wow, those little things are hard to do, but I was pretty happy with the results of my first attempt at them!

She's finally letting me try out some more elaborate styles and with us being outside more this time of year, I'm seeing the beauty of a more protective hairstyle than free hair because it's easier to keep the grass and sand out.  I really need to do a blog post just on the hair, because oh my at all the things to discuss there!

But for now, I'm just going to say Happy Friday, Friends!


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  1. We loved all "The Prairie" shows back in the day. Fun to know your kids are going to enjoy them too!

  2. As a teacher, I see this as a great way to transition into reading the books to them--if you haven't started already. Nothing wrong with good "TV" on a school night.

    I love your daughter's hair!

    (Oh, and as for your comment on my post, sometimes the end of the year is harder than the beginning. We still have to teach and do report cards, but when? Eep!)

  3. LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE was a great series! Sounds like a nice evening for your family. Hope eventually they will pick up their clothes and your house will be restored to order once again.

  4. Little House was one of my favorite series growing up, but I truly liked the books better ;)

  5. Michael Landon was America's fav. dad for a reason.

  6. What a great show to get 'hooked' on!!!

    Love the looks like it took a long time to do! Great job!

    God bless ya and have yourself one blessed and beautiful week sweetie!!! :o)

  7. Happy Friday! your girl's hair looks so wonderful!

  8. "Little girl" needs a bowl on your blog header, just saying. I think you can do that in your "spare" time. If you find "spare" time, please let me know, I would like some too.

  9. We love Little House on the Prairie too! It's been a new discovery for Eli, but now he asks to watch it all the time. Pretty cute. A little fun fact? My husband's family is buried in the same cemetery in MO that Laura is. And apparently they were family friends back in the day. :)

    Little girl's hair looks cute!

  10. I love that show. Just last night I found out that my 4th grader was watching them in school. Fourth grade is all about pioneers and settling the west, so they are watching the shows during indoor recess. We had a nice chat about the episode where the woman throws her own wake to see everyone that comes to the funeral.


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