Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not the Turkey Disguise Project!

My kindergarten son had the project to decorate a turkey picture the teacher handed out.  The prompt was something about helping Tom Turkey come up with a disguise so he could hide from the hunters.

The prompt also said that parents could help with the project but not do it for their child.  That it was to be the child's work.  Whatever, I seem to be the ONLY parent that actually follows the teacher's instructions because once the projects are posted on the wall every one of them except my kid's will look professionally done!

Anyway, because this is my 3rd child to go through this kindergarten and get this assignment, my enthusiasm about the project was a bit lacking (I know poor 3rd child).  I wanted to be done with my part "helping" as quick as possible (also we may have waited until the day before it was due to start working on it), so I suggested that Tom Turkey could hide in a big pile of leaves!

 "Yay!  Look how well hidden he is, Buddy!  Now you just glue those leaves on while I make dinner."

No, my 5 year old would have none of that!  He wanted to make a Spiderman disguise for his turkey.  That went about as well as you might expect.

At least no one will accuse me of doing the project for my kid!


Little Girl has told me every day for the past week that she is going to be Princess Belle for NEXT Halloween.  And she says it just like that as if to emphasize that she realizes THIS Halloween has past.  Planning ahead, that girl is!


Speaking of Little Girl, I posted yesterday about her scraping up her face, but you know what I wondered every single day for a whole week while I had to keep the scrape covered?  WHY don't they make band-aids in HER skin color? 


My oldest has been out of school sick this week.  And he's totally been regretting the fact that I've emailed with his teacher daily and picked up make-up work from his classroom each day when I pick up his younger siblings from school.  

Him:  "Mom, I'm not supposed to have to do work while I'm sick!"
Me:  "It's 4th grade, you will get too behind and never get caught up if you wait until you go back to school next week to get your assignments."

Here's his super-happy-to-be-doing-make-up-work-while-home-sick face:

"Yay!  It's division!  Who doesn't love estimating quotients?!!"

I really have enjoyed having him home!  But I'm thankful he's nearly well, so Little Girl and I are just going to have to miss him when he goes back to school on Monday.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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  1. ha ha ha both are very fun disguises. I am very fond of the one with leaves. "

    Little girl is a girl after my own heart. I have to plan well ahead if anything is going to get done. And even worse, I sometimes have to scope out the territory first before I make a move.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Your son is so adorable, what a lovely face. My pet turkey is Tom, disguise as Spiderman is an awesome idea. Happy Friday.

  3. I like your son's turkey disguise and think he did a fantastic job! Me, I would have went with hiding in the leaves because I'm kind of lazy that way when it came to homework. Looks like you won't need to be helping this third child with his homework very much at all; looks like he can handle it on his own just fine!

  4. The disguise is awesome! What a great idea he had. Have a fabulous weekend.

  5. The leaf disguise is perfect. Teaches him important lessons about how animals hide in the wild. It also cuts down the time taken on useless projects.

  6. Love the hidden turkey..I can't remember but I was probably that mom that helped a little too much on a project! Sorry you son is sick I feel for him been home with the same! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. The turkey assignment is cute. By my third child, I stopped helping on projects too. Because of that, he is the most creative of the three. Ahhh, if I only knew sooner. I like the spiderman turkey!


  8. I LOVE Spidey Turkey - - - just LOVE him.

    My grandson made his a ninja turkey when he did this same project a year ago.

  9. ewww, estimating that spidery turkey ;)

  10. Must always be interesting at your place, with three creative children!


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