Monday, April 30, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

Yesterday marked exactly one year since the day we first saw our youngest daughter's face.

One year since our referral of her during our Ethiopian adoption process.

So much has happened in this one year.

I can't even wrap my own mind around everything that has happened from then to now.

One year ago in a matter of minutes she went from being a 2 year old who was a stranger to us to our beloved daughter.

And we hadn't even met her!  Didn't get to meet her for 3 more months!

But, it was supernatural, something only God could orchestrate.

Just how normal, how right it was.  "Yes, that's our daughter."

"No, we don't need time to think it over or discuss any issues with medical doctors."

"Whatever problems we encounter, we'll deal with them.  Just as we've done/would do with our other three children."

If you met her today, you'd never, ever guess she lived in an Ethiopian orphanage a year ago, much less 4.5 months ago!

We celebrated the referralversary with traditional Ethiopian injera and shiro and a side of left-over pizza!

How's that for an unplanned combination of her Ethiopian and American heritages!


And Now (after being home 4 months):

Dancing at her older siblings' swim team practice!  Yes, she picked out that dress to wear today and often sports her pink goggles even when she's not swimming!  Little Girl's got some style!

There is no way to go from our then to our now, or her then to her now without seeing the amazing, powerful hand of God all over our stories!

So grateful for His goodness bringing this little girl into our family!

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  1. What a beauty and what a treasure that God blessed you with the joy of this sweet girl in your family.

  2. She's darling! Look at how happy she is, what a blessing I know she is to you. How wonderful God is to bring together families the ways he does.

  3. Your pictures make me smile. I can't help but think what a gift you each are to each other. I know things aren't always rosy, but following God's leading has enabled your family to not only bless this sweet little girl, but all who have followed her journey with you. Thank you for letting us smile with you. :)


  4. Tears. :) What a beautiful post!

    Visiting from Laura's,


  5. Awesome! What a difference a year makes! :)


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