Monday, March 21, 2016

My Messy House Mystery

Today is Monday and my house is a mess.

My entire house was professionally cleaned last Tuesday.

I pay for this service twice each month to save my sanity and ensure the whole house gets clean and sanitized all on the same day at least every two weeks!

The kids were on Spring Break last week, so early Thursday morning, a mere day and a half after the complete cleaning, we drove out of town.

We were gone until Sunday evening at approximately bedtime.

So how is my house a mess today?

I'm not just talking bags that need to be unpacked and wash that needs to be done kind of a mess (although there's all that, too), but dirty.

Actual dirt all over the kitchen floor.  Crumbs on the table.  All the toilets obviously need a wipe-down and literally every trash can is full!

What in the world?

How does this happen?  

No really, when did the house get so dirty?

We were not even here!

I've finally figured it out folks!  

The source of so much frustration in my daily life.

My house MESSES ITSELF up!

I've always joked about wanting a self-cleaning house and instead I'm afraid I have a self-dirtying house!


I do realize this is a huge 1st world problem and I'm thankful for my messy house.

And the vacuum, mop, washer/dryer, trash bags, rags, and ability to clean it!

Now to make the time . . .

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