Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Works for me Wednesday: Father's Day Treasure Hunt

Our Father's Day tradition is to send my husband on a treasure hunt for his presents. The clues relate to memories with the kids throughout the past year and send him all over the house until the last clue leads him to his presents!

I do around 6 clues and now that my kids are able (I actually started this when my 1st was a baby) they help with ideas and hiding the clues.

Spoiler Alert!!! If you are my husband (and you know who you are) stop reading now!

Examples of some of this year's clues:

clue: POP ART!!!
location: a sticky note with the next clue will be taped to the Pop Tart box (my toddler screams "Pop Art!" at breakfast each morning until he gets a Pop Tart to go with his cereal.

clue: "Dr. Wink looked at me and said, 'You have a very rare and acute case of Pinkititis.'"
location: a sticky note leading to the next clue will be found on the page containing that sentence in the Pinkalicious book my daughter has had us read a hundred times and memorized herself."

clue: You pulled my 1st loose tooth here
location: presents will be found on my 6 year old's top bunk bed.

It is really fun coming up with the clues, hiding them, and, of course, watching the hunt! My kids and I follow my husband around as he follows the clues.

This little tradition makes Father's Day more fun and special!

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  1. I love these...however we gave in and gave his presents to him today. Yes - we are so bad with the surprises.

    Blessings to you!

  2. Too cool. I would so love a treasure hunt i'll pass that on to the powers that be for next year, I know they already have this yeared sewed up.

  3. What a fun idea! I'm sure your husband loves this! I love scavenger hunts!

  4. Great idea and what a nice way to bring to mind happy family memories! Love it!

  5. I love this idea, and I bet older kids could help with the clues. I think my son would enjoy prepping this. Found you through WFMW.

  6. What fun! :D I did a scavenger type hunt for dh for CHRISTmas a few times but haven't tried it with Father's Day.

  7. What creative, fun ideas! Scavenger hunts are the BEST. My DH did one for me the first few months we were married and he knew he was going to be fighting a fire when my birthday rolled around in a few days (wild land fire). I still remember. :)

  8. Love this! Clever and fun...and I especially love that the clues all relate to family memories. Great idea!

  9. What a fun idea for Father's Day! I've been looking for some inspiration.


  10. We do the same thing :)

    My partner loves it, knowing his gotta hunt and think.. This year I'm doing a outside thing that will have him driving around to different places as a family outing ;)

    The clues are just a little harder this way lol..


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