Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our 4th time to do the Turkey Disguise Project

I have to admit that I was less than enthusiastic when the info. sheet came home from school with my kindergarten daughter about the "Family Turkey Disguise Project" where you are given a cardstock turkey and are to work with your kindergarten child to disguise the turkey.  Then the projects will be displayed in the halls outside the classrooms (you know, so the overachieving parents can show off their elaborate displays -- sorry, that was tacky of me).

This is my 4th child to go through kindergarten at this school and thus my 4th time to be assigned the Turkey Disguise Project.  I pasted on a happy face and forced a "Oh, how fun, the Turkey Disguise Project!" reaction for my kindergartener's benefit but inside I groaning, "Not this again!  It was kinda fun the first 2 times, but by the 3rd time I was over it and now a 4th time!"

It was a lovely attitude as I'm sure you can tell.

But, then I remembered that while having 4 children does require me to be assigned the Turkey Disguise 4 different times, having 4 children also means, I have 3 other children who can help/do this project instead of me!!

I wheeled out my cart o' craft supplies.  It really is on wheels, I should take a picture of it some time!

The 11 year old did not need much encouragement to fire up the glue gun.

He struggled a bit, though on just how to make the 6 year old's idea to disguise the turkey as a teacher into a reality.

But, then we got the idea to disguise the turkey as Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen.

Then the whole thing came together!  I had some shiny blue fabric.  We had some discussion on exactly what color Elsa's hair was but in the end we used what we had, which was grey yarn for her hair.  Add a gold pipe cleaner crown and some snowflake stickers and voila!  We had ourselves a Queen Elsa Turkey!

And even I had to admit it was kinda fun, the family Turkey Disguise Project!  Gosh, maybe we should even have a 5th kid so we can do this project again!!  Ha!

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  1. Love the Elsa turkey. Definitely a good disguise choice!


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