Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No, no Madeline!

Wanna know what happens when you have a puppy and a mail slot?

It's a race to see who gets to the mail first when it's delivered! It's me versus the puppy dog.

Today, Madeline won.

Thankfully it was only an advertisement she was shredding up!

Next up, Madeline versus Big Duke (the 3 year old's security object, a stuffed bulldog). Thankfully Big Duke was quickly rescued!
Madeline versus the big box her new bed came in (no idea why the box was so big the bed only took up half of it)!

And, Madeline versus my husband's slipper:

"No! No, Madeline!" has become an often heard phrase around our house!

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  1. I can absolutely relate - and we had a mail slot in a previous residence. Had to hang a basket so the mail wouldn't hit the floor and get shredded!

    Mischievous Madeline is a cutie! :)

    WW: Reflection

  2. So cute!! I have a dog featured in my WW today too! Kelly


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