Wednesday, April 6, 2011

25 Years Waiting!

I don't need to whine again that our adoption wait has gone on way longer than expected. You all know!

What I've found myself asking God the last few months is, "Did we hear you right?" "Is this your plan for us?" "Are we totally on the wrong path here?"

Because we didn't choose adoption. God led us to it in tons of clear and specific ways that spans years of time. The last year leading up to our signing on with an agency was so full of obvious God speaking moments that it truly became comical, the "coincidences" piled up and were happening to both my husband and me. And even through the first few months of our adoption paperwork, God's presence was really felt.

But, the past few months, as the wait has drug on and the bad news has rolled in, it feels like God has gotten quiet on the adoption front. We've felt Him lead in other areas of our lives, though.

And just this morning I was asking God, "Do all these delays mean this is not your will for us?"

Then early afternoon during my 3 year old's nap, I started working on my homework for my Thursday Bible study group, we're going through Colossians, but the first question I came to today had us reference Gen. 17 which features Abraham and God again promising to make him a great nation although Abraham had not one son yet.

I've heard the stories of Abraham and Sarah many times, but today the math struck a different chord in me. Abraham was 75 years old when God first promised to make him a great nation (Gen. 12:4) and he was 100 years old when his first son, Isaac, was born (Gen 21:5).

That equals 25 years of waiting!!

Kinda makes our 1 year adoption wait seem like a cake-walk!

And did the long years of waiting mean Isaac wasn't God's will for Abraham and Sarah? Of course not! Their delays didn't mean God wanted them on a different path (remember the Ishmael debacle!).

The years of waiting just meant God wanted them to wait!

And so we wait.

(Some days more patiently than others. Yesterday was an impatient day, today was better. Praying already for tomorrow.)

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  1. This COMPLETELY follows what so many people keep telling my husband and me with regard to a situation we have going on in our lives. God's timing is ALWAYS perfect. He is never early, he is never late- ALWAYS on time. It's so hard to see God's timing- but he knows- so we just have to remind each other to trust HIM and lean not on our own understanding, right? If only that was as easy as it sounds...

  2. Thank-you for sharing your journey-- it is good that God has left us a record of Abraham and Sarah. May his love surround you.

  3. Don't you love it when the Lord leads you to the Word to answer your questions! God is faithful all the time : )

    Visiting from Thankful Thursday!

  4. Thankfully, God has everything under control. He has provided a beautiful reminder He has not forgotten you nor your desire. He's such a great dad.

    Visiting from Thankful Thursday

  5. Thanks for sharing today. Isn't the opportunity to serve a awesome God wonderful? Even when we don't know how it is all going to work out, we know that God does, and that is a great knowledge to have. In all things give thanks! That even means in waiting, huh?

    Wonderful post!

  6. So appreciate you honest struggles and your open heart. This says it all...That equals 25 years of waiting!!

    And we wait. Sure helps me put things into perspective as well. Love you. Happy TT and see you again next week. Hugs,


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