Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not Our Referral, But Still Exciting News!

My 5 year old daughter came home from school today wearing a tooth necklace with her first tooth she's lost inside! She has been wiggling and wiggling her loose tooth for weeks, so excited for it to fall out, and today it finally did! And to make it all the more exciting, it happened at school and when kids lose teeth at our elementary the teacher sends them to the nurse who gives them a tooth necklace, kind of a tooth locket, that they snap their lost tooth inside and wear it around their neck the rest of the day!

My 2nd grader has talked about the tooth necklace many times during his 3 years of elementary and this year my kindergartener has talked about it a lot, too, but we've never gotten one to come home to our house before because all my 8 year old's lost teeth have been at home!

And then there were excited conversations about the tooth fairy. My daughter said, "I wish I could see the tooth fairy. I want to see if she's small like a fairy or big like a person. I know she's a girl. The tooth fairy has to be a girl! I want to see what color hair she has and what color skin and what clothes she wears and if she has earrings."

When she put her tooth in her tooth fairy pillow and under her pillow, she insisted on including this note:
Note reads: "Dear Tooth Fairy this is my first tooth."

I think she's lobbying for extra money!!


And for even more exciting news there's this:

Oh yes He is! And that is amazing news to be celebrated every day!


I got some candy and a water gun to fill each of my kids' Easter baskets, and I was going to get them a bigger present, like a Barbie or Lego toy, because that's what we typically do for the Easter baskets. But, I didn't actually get around to buying the slightly bigger gift for the baskets, and then I got to thinking, "Why am I stressing about buying my kids gifts for Easter, it's not like they died on the cross for my sins and rose from the grave on the 3rd day sealing my fate for eternal life with God if only I choose to believe?"

I ran the issue by my husband and we decided for our kids' Easter present we'd give 5 ducks and 3 rabbits to children with true need! We donated the animals through World Vision and I was even able to print cards out for my kids with a sweet picture of a child holding a bunny and a child holding a duck. I'm so excited about this Easter present!


Happy Easter!

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  1. I love those tooth necklaces and what a great idea for an Easter present!

  2. Jesus is alive, indeed--great news! That is a very cool Easter present you made through World Vision. I didn't know that could be done. We always got candy and new clothes for Easter when I was a kid. I hated those Easter hats!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Oh my goodness --- the World Vision idea -- I love that. Our oldest is 4, and this is the first year that we are actually going to do anything gifty at all for Easter. But we haven't shopped yet, and are still up in the air about what we want to do. So this idea is awesome. I think that he would really GET it.... :)
    What a beautiful tradition!!!

    And cute tooth necklace!!!

  4. What a great Easter present idea! I usually do a little candy and lego gift too.

    So, I'm wondering what a first tooth goes for these days :) Especially if it's accompanied by a personal note :)

  5. Beautiful ideas for Easter presents. my daughter is 14 months old, so this year still ins't quite as important to begin traditions. But it does have me thinking about the message I want to teach each year and the precedence I want to set.

  6. LOVE the easter present idea. What a great way to celebrate.

    The tooth necklace is spectacular! I wish we had those when I was growing up. How has inflation affected the Tooth Fairy? It was a quarter 20 years ago.

  7. What a WONDERFUL idea. I LOVE it!

    My kids were given miniature treasure chests for their teeth lost at school...soo fun.

    Have a blessed Resurection Day!


  8. This year, my kids' baskets will hold nothing but new underwear and a couple of t-shirts. Now that they are older, candy is a waste. (Your plan is a better one, of course.)

    I love your daughter's note (and the photo is adorable :)

    p.s. the Captcha word is "fartor." heehee

    Happy Easter, my friend.

  9. The tooth necklace is an awesome idea!

  10. It's been too long since I've caught up with you! So with my coffee in hand, I just enjoyed a nice visit.

    I'm glad to hear you're "keeping the faith" :) while waiting for your little adoption to go through. My pastor's family is in the same holding pattern.

    That tooth necklace is GREAT! My little guy just lost a tooth yesterday and is giddy with excitement over being able to "chew on which ever side" he feels like now. I love this age!

    And your puppy is darling! What a sweet little rasca!

    Hugs to you today!


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