Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Puppy in the Sandbox!

In addition to Madeline the puppy's exuberant love for the bathtub and kiddie pool, this week we discovered her love of the sand table!

The fact that it is an elevated sandbox didn't stop Madeline, no problem jumping right in and doing some wild digging!

Wanna know what her nose looks like when she gets out?

Don't let her sweet face fool you, she's worse than a 2 year old child, this dog!

Wordful Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday, & Not So Wordless Wednesday.


  1. See, THAT'S why I can't say yes to a dog! I can barely keep up with the kids I already have! She IS pretty darn cute though. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, she's ADORABLE!!!

    Here I would have thought the elevation would have scared her off. Not so much, huh? LOL

  3. She is sooo cute. Couldn't get mad at a face like that!!

  4. What a adorable pictures. The middle one is my favorite. The composition is very appealing and fun.

  5. Such a cutie! My girlfriend was just complaining about her dog digging and I told her to get him a sandbox. Cool! Happy Wed, and hope you have a hop on over to shallowOcity to say Hello!


  6. Oh what a cutie pie! Looks like she loves digging in the sand.


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