Monday, April 11, 2011

Outsmarting Target

***We got some more good news from our adoption agency on Friday and are currently in any-day-now mode for getting our referral, but no call today! Actually that's not true, there were 2 calls to my cell phone today, both of which made my heart beat out of my chest when I heard the ringing, but they were not THE call! And the call from a relative of mine who lives in the same 817 area code as our adoption agency from a new cell number that my phone didn't recognize -- so not funny! I really, really thought that one was THE CALL! So, in an attempt to gain just a bit of sanity for myself, here's a post about shopping and sewing!!!****

Several months ago when my daughter turned 5 years old and outgrew the toddler section at Target, I wrote the following letter to the Target store in my head:

Dear Target,

I must first say that I love your store and shop there quite often. I've even been known to make a trip to a Target store 3 times in 1 week! Over the past 5 years I've loved shopping your baby/toddler girl section. I've been amazed at the cute, quality dresses and other adorable things I've been able to get for my daughter at such reasonable prices!

However, my daughter is now five and has outgrown your toddler section. I've looked in your "Little Girl's" section, but seeing as how I do not want my 5 year old to look like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, I'm afraid I cannot find many clothes there I'd buy for my little girl. Please consider carrying over some of the same cute, sweet styles from your toddler department into the little girl's section, and save the black lace and cropped t-shirts for your lingerie department.

Almost your biggest fan

I have no idea why I never actually wrote and mailed that letter. Instead, for the last several months I've walked by the toddler girl section and just sighed at all the cute things that I couldn't buy and snarled at the mostly tacky selection in the little girl's section. But recently, I realized I could buy a toddler dress for my daughter and then just add a bit of my own length with an extra ruffle of coordinating fabric!

I bought this dress minus the bottom ruffle for about $10, and then just added the ruffle.

I even made some coordinating ruffle pants!
A custom-looking outfit that was super easy and cheap!

And the best part? I now again have a reason to shop in the Target toddler girl section!

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  1. Wow! very cute girly dress..nice color too! visiting for 5mfm! Here is my Tackle it Tuesday i am your new follower too!

  2. Oh how smart are you! I wish I could sew. I'm thinking about trying to find where I can take classes so I can sew when my fist grandbaby gets here in Oct!

    I would still send the letter ; )

  3. I think we all should send a similar letter. Who is buying these outfits for little girls? Aren't our kids growing up fast enough? And on the same note, I'd like a shirt in the womens department to not be so thin I can see through it. I feel like I need to layer 4 layers to be decent. :) Love the ruffle idea, too bad that doesn't work for little boys. 5T's are getting too short, 4/5's are just too big. However, ruffles on the end of 5T's just don't look right on a boy unless I'm really trying to mess him up. :)


  4. Love that dress! You are so creative! I'm thinking Etsy Shop named "More Chaos"!

    Today's the day!

  5. What a wonderful idea!! Someone should send that letter. I have thought the very same thing when shopping for my grand daughters. Since when are you "grown up" at 6?? Have a wonderful day! Hope you get that call soon! HUGS

  6. I couldn't agree more with your letter. But seeing how I have all boys, it probably would be better coming from you! :)

    Wonderful idea with those ruffles!

  7. What an adorable outfit. I love the colors. Good luck with your adoption! Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Your creations are super cute! I hope Target starts carrying things like it.

  9. Very clever! It's not too late for the letter.

  10. So cute! The more I see of these cute creations online, the more I really want to learn to sew!


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