Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Real Life Laundry Monster!

Anyone want to guess what has happened in this picture?

Toddler and I folded a load of laundry and stacked it neatly in that blue laundry basket to be put away. I headed to the washer to move a different load to the dryer. I returned 1 minute later to find the basket dumped out, all the clothes unfolded, and the basket on top of my son's head.

I had toddler help me refold the clothes and put them back in the basket, but still did not have time to put them away. The basket was left by the bottom of the stairs.

And do you know what happened? Sometime during dinner preparations a few hours later, THE SAME BASKET was again dumped out and turned into a helmet!

This could very well be the day I stop folding laundry. Let's just get rid of any semblance of order around here and throw the clothes into the dressers unfolded!

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  1. Ah, who needs folded laundry when there are baskets to be played with!

  2. What is it w/ kids and laundry baskets???

  3. What an adorable laundry monster. :)

  4. Don't put clothes in the little ones helmet...problem solved...lol

  5. LOL...How cute!!! My daughter has a small round basket that we keep her socks in - and will occasionally do the same thing. Socks everywhere and the basket is now helmet or a rocket or some other imaginary vehicle..

  6. Ohh no!!! I have to say, your stories always make me laugh! :)

  7. Too funny! I always say, why bother folding when they're just going to get messed up again!


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