Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teaching My 10 Year Old Son to Use The Glue Gun

I've been thinking as I strive to have less clutter that maybe I should par down my crafting supplies, but days like today when I was helping my 4th grader create a 3-D flower complete with all the different parts (do you remember -- the whole stamen, stigma, sepal, etc.?) that he must be able to identify to his teacher, it comes in handy.  

This is the same child who NEVER did crafts in preschool, always chose any other activity station besides art, except when very strongly persuaded by his teachers.  His younger sister created more artwork in one 3 hour day of preschool than he did the entire school year.  But tonight as a 10 year old with a project assignment?  He was super impressed with my craft stash!  And we really, truly had fun working on his 3 dimensional flower!  

Look, I even taught him how to use the glue gun:

He crafts!  He will now take with him the VERY handy glue-gunning skill into the rest of his life! Can you see how excited I was about all of it?  I told my son, "Finally a school project that's actually fun!!"  

My husband walked in and said to our son, "I've never in my whole life used a glue gun."  And I said, "See, Son?  At the age of 10 your abilities now surpass your dad's!"

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  1. Chuckling over here. I love the way kids open their mouths when they're working with their hands :)


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