Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Week in Review is too ambitious, how about The Last Two Days in Review?

Kids here were wearing shorts yesterday, it was 80 degrees, and now it is 41 degrees, definitely heavy winter coat weather for us!  I checked the weather last night and the cold front was supposed to come through this evening, but instead it came through around lunchtime.  So, at elementary school pick-up today I was in a group of several moms, all of us in our coats and still huddled against the cold, waiting for the schoolyard gate to open.  And I asked, "Anyone else have kids in there in short-sleeves?"  "Yes!" was the universal reply!


We found this guy smuggled in our house this week.  

The lizard gave my husband quite the surprise as he was perched on the laundry bag I use for cloth napkins and my husband stuck his hand up to put some dirty napkins in the hanging bag and instead touched the lizard!  My husband's scream woke the children we'd already put to bed!


I'm not sure why I assume the lizard is a guy rather than a girl, but it reminds me of a funny conversation I had with my 5 year old daughter this week.  She was talking about a roly-poly bug she found in the backyard and kept referring to it as "he" and "him".  So, I asked her how she knew it was a boy and she told me roly-polys just are boys.  "Really?" I asked, "Well, what about ladybugs?  Are they girls or boys?"  "Girls!"  she replied confidently.  "What about caterpillars?"  I asked.  "Boys," she said.  And trying to trip her up I said, "What about butterflies?"  She quickly said, "They're girls."  In an attempt to refute her logic I said, "But, caterpillars turn into butterflies."  Without missing a beat she gasped, "Ohhhh, the boys turn into girls!" 


Another picture from my camera this week:

I have tons and tons of this type of picture from my precious 3rd child over the years.  He's a builder.  I've often thought I should create a picture book for him with all the photos I have of his creations.  But, it's not yet happened.  Oh, how many projects I'd love to tackle if only I could find the time!


Happy Friday!  Stay warm!


  1. Can't argue with that logic, huh? (My daughter is six and she says similar things that just make me smile)
    Great builder you have there.
    We had a similar weather change -- on Tuesday, we had a record high of mid-80s and now we are delaying school for two hours because of ice on the roads.
    Happy FF!

  2. I love the block picture. I have lots of builders in our children's project in Honduras. I think every child should have some blocks to build and imagine and create.

  3. Ladybugs and butterflies-definitely girls : ) The lizard would have given me a heart attack. I have a friend who lifted the lid on her outdoor rubbish bin to see a possum hissing up at her. I'd have died on the spot! Have a happy weekend!

  4. I think I would have lost my mind if I touched that lizard.


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