Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Weeks are Flying By!

Wow, another Friday, already.  How did that happen so fast?!!

I haven't been the best blogger lately, just too many other things to focus on.  And life is very full.


Do you want to know something I have learned about the season of life we are in right now with 4 kids ages 11, 9, 7, and 5 years old? 

Teeth will come out!

It is happening at about a rate of 2 to 3 teeth per week and has gotten to the point where it's not even unusual for me to have a Ziploc baggie with someone's tooth in it in my purse or sitting in the cupholder of the car!

The weirdest thing lately has been my 11 year old losing teeth.  He went through a couple years where he didn't lose any teeth but now he's losing the bigger teeth like the molars.  Every time it happens my son and I have to reassure my alarmed husband that it was in fact a tooth that was "supposed to come out"!


Speaking of the 11 year old, he just finished up his first 6 weeks of middle school and managed to pull all A's!  I knew he was smart enough to do well in middle school but I worried and worried about his lack of organization and thought it would be his downfall when he had 8 classes and 2 lockers to manage.  It wasn't always smooth sailing and I, as his mom watching from the sidelines, certainly sweated out some days, like the day he left his expandable folder (the one that holds the work for all of his classes) on the kitchen table:

As hard as it was for me to discover that folder at home after I'd taken him to school and realize just what a bad day he was likely going to have without that folder, I knew that it was a growth experience.  And it was!  When I picked him up from school he suggested, without any lecturing from me, "I think I need to make a checklist!"  And the next school day he went to each teacher that he was not able to turn in work to and turned in his late work (because in middle school teachers are not going to come find you about missing work), they gave him partial credit and he ended the 6 weeks with 92 or above for all 8 classes!  We are so proud of him!  And the best part, he is really enjoying middle school, learning so much, and appreciating all the opportunities our public school offers!


My 7 year old son continues to astound us with his building skills and fills the playroom with his creations:

My kids have loved the Kapla 200 Blocks Set ** I got them for Christmas!  Definitely one of my best toy purchases ever!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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  1. Wonderful news about your children. My grandaughter ran into a brick wall and had to have her 2 front teeth fixed.


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