Monday, December 8, 2014

When you cut down your Christmas tree at a tree farm. . .

Cutting down your own Christmas tree is so quaint and beautiful and lovely!

You bring it home and your children decorate it to the sounds of Christmas carols playing in the background.  And the whole family marvels, "Didn't we cut down a great tree?!!"


one Week later the plague of flies hatches from said real tree inside your house and the windowsill behind your tree looks like this:

Tons of dead flies!! (And I had just vacuumed that windowsill last week!)  Now, that's the picture you won't see on Facebook or Pintrest, but that's real life right there folks!  

No candy-coating it here, real Christmas tree may = a whole host of critters added to your household!

Next year, just give me a plastic tree from a box, thank you very much!

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