Monday, December 29, 2008

The Car Potty

I’ve been so humbled through having and raising kids that I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a potty in my car.

Yes, a little blue plastic kid’s potty tucked under one of the seats ready to assist that potty trainer that just can’t wait to get to a real bathroom. It is a little embarrassing when I go to the full service car wash and return to my vehicle to see that t
hey have discovered the potty during their vacuuming and brought it out in all its glory to sit in the very center of the floorboard!

Then there are the times when we'll be out somewhere and my child will announce that they have to go to the bathroom and will just "USE THE CAR POTTY!" when we get back to the car. I love the looks I get from others in the store, vet, etc. as they try to figure out just how it is that we have a potty in our car!

But, that potty has saved me countless times when out and about with my kids during that 2-3 year-old potty training stage when they can’t always wait to find a bathroom. Parks that don’t have bathrooms – no sweat—we’ll use the “car potty”!

The problem with the “car potty” is in the emptying it. I usually wait until no one is looking and dump the pee-pee in the parking lot. But, one day my darling 2 year old did a little more than pee-pee in the potty. Afterward we just had to pick u
p my son at school and then head home, so I decided rather than try to clean it up in the car, I’d just let the mess sit in the potty until we got home. It was a stinky ride! As we passed other drivers I remember thinking, “If they only knew what was in my car!” I was thankful no one could see!

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  1. That is too funny!! We have the exact same potty in our van, only it is red!! And I have the same issue with emptying and have done the same as you - peepee on the ground. I have not yet had to worry about the other. However because we have dogs I always carry puppy poopy bags and I don't see what the difference would be LOL. I have also heard it suggested that you place a bag over the potty and when they are finished you just tie up the bag. Sounds good,but I have to wonder if my kids would sit on a bag - but maybe it would be a fun novelty????


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