Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Having 3 Kids is LOUD!

Something big 2008 taught us --having 3 little kids is LOUD! 

Our 5 year-old literally talks non-stop.  It is the background noise of our home.  To compensate, when our 3 year-old has something to say, she says it loudly.  If she wasn’t our kid with ear tubes and thus hearing tested often, we’d think she was hard of hearing! 

And for all our 1 year-old's physical earliness (walking at 8 months!) he was barely saying an understandable word at 18 months.  He used the “monkey language” of “AHH–AHH!” with wild gesturing to get his points across.  Our pediatrician assured us not to worry and it was likely a result of having 2 older siblings who talk over and for him.  His big sister has been known to say, “I will show him which one he wants!”  Now at 19 months, he is finally truly talking and even said his first phrase recently, “Don’t touch!”  Do you think he’s heard that once, twice, or two thousand times?