Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh Yes I DiD!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! In this blog carnival created by MckMama everyone has fun telling all the things they DID NOT do (but really did). You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

The following little story did NOT occur at our house. No I DID NOT! Nope! NOT ME!

Remember this little "No Sweep" problem?

One trip to Target, $4.65, and a 20 second installation and IT IS SOLVED!

Enter the first ever childproofing doorknob cover into our 3 kid home. And it could not be a more welcome friend!

I was hesitant to do this with my 1st two kids when they went through the naptime strikes of coming out of their rooms because it felt wrong, like locking them in their rooms.

But they were different.

When my oldest son moved into his big boy bed at around 25 months old he couldn't climb out of his crib and he LOVED his big boy bed, so when he got out of it too many times at naptime the crib was conveniently still set up one room over awaiting the arrival of his baby sister, so I'd just say, "Oh, too bad, it looks like you don't feel like staying in your big boy bed, I guess you'll have to take your nap in the crib." And in the crib he'd go. The screaming would last a few minutes until he'd finally settle into a much needed nap. We'd try the big boy bed again at the next naptime and repeat scenario, if needed. He finally got the message.

With my middle child, my daughter, when she moved into her big girl bed around 25 months, she hated sleeping with her door closed (still does). So the deal was if she got out too many times then her door was closed. She would freak out screaming and crying. I'd let it go on a couple minutes and then open the door and ask her if she was ready to stay in her room with the door open. Now she is my more compliant, sensitive child, so that was enough. She'd stay in there. She wouldn't always sleep, but she would stay in there for the duration of naptime, which is all I asked.

But my 3rd child is different. He climbs out of the crib and he is not at all bothered by his door being closed. When he would come out I'd return him to his room, tell him it was naptime and close the door. He'd wait a few minutes and then come out again, running wildly through the house yelling "No want sweep!"

We went through over a week of countless room returns and the toddler "no sweeping" for any of his naptime.

What is my toddler like at 6:30PM when he didn't nap that day?

A crying, sobbing, screaming, nothing-will-please-him mess!

And let's not even talk about what his momma is like after an all-day toddler-a-thon.

But, now?

He tries the door a couple times, cries about 45 seconds, gives up and goes to sleep for 2 hours!

The peace of naptime is restored!

So glad I DID NOT get the child-proof doorknob cover! Am NOT a little afraid toddler will figure out a way to open it!


  1. HA!!! We're right there with you! Our youngest climbed out of his crib at 15 months. So, we bought a crib tent. I love love love that thing!

  2. Those knobs didn't work for my kids. Good luck to you! Hopefully nap time will continue!

  3. Ah...I miss the days of childproof doorknob covers. They don't work too well with my kids...the youngest is 8. :( I hope it continues to work for you for a long time to come!

  4. that is so great! I always used baby gates on the door, never thought about a door nob! my 3rd was the struggle too... she could climb out of the crib and over the gate pretty quick! she is almost 3 and doing much better. thankfully toddlerhood is a short season of life. :) I'm loving my girls at 6,4, and almost 3. Now, can I keep them these ages? :)

  5. Good for you to figure it out! It is funny how some kids are so willing to obey and yet others... my last son of all seven is the only one I've ever had trouble with at naptime. My toddler ASKS to go "night-night". I remember sitting in his rocking chair nodding off myself waiting for him to go to sleep. He never bothered at bedtime, just naptime. Even at 4 sometimes I have to go in take away toys and send him back to bed.


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