Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Please don't let it be a library book!

My 13 thoughts about this picture:
  1. Remember when I blogged about the library being my friend and foe?
  2. Well, I achieved it this week! The good library experience with my kids!!!!
  3. I was so excited and thankful and couldn't wait to blog about the success -- no books flew off the shelves, there was no running, no scaling of the fish tank, only mild yelling and that was from the toddler, not the older kids. We managed a reasonable number of quality book selections and even made it through the check out without attracting too much attention from the other library goers or frowns from the librarians.
  4. The kids carried the books they chose out all by themselves and when the toddler had trouble holding all 3 of his books, 6 year old brother nicely offered toddler to help carry one. It was idyllic. The kids helping each other, walking to the car excited to read new books! We got home, snuggled in and read some of the books before naptime -- more wonderfulness!
  5. I even felt a little smug, thinking, "See my children can be trained to act civilized in the library! Man, I'm so glad I stuck with it taking them to the library every week this summer!"
  6. Then it happened.
  7. Toddler woke up from nap and came downstairs to tell me, "Book teared. Dinosaur book teared!"
  8. NO! Not the LIBRARY BOOK dinosaur book we just checked out!
  9. I didn't believe it. As crazy as my toddler is; he is not typically a book tearer.
  10. I flew up the stairs and my fears were confirmed. The book was on the floor and several pieces were strewn throughout the covers in his bed!
  11. I gathered the pieces and the book and set them out on the table and attempted to tape the book back together -- missing a piece!
  12. I came to realization that I'm likely going to have to pay for the book
  13. Sigh. . . The library really should just revoke our library cards!

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  1. Whoa. Girl. I am just starting to use the library again. I hope this doesn't happen to me. *grin*

    Happy TT

  2. What rotten luck ... I think one day you will look back at this and laugh. :) Thanks for sharing your heart with us tonight and giving us all a grin. -blessings, Laurie

  3. Awww LOl Kids, gotta luv 'em/ Maybe keep library books up until the bedtime story lol

  4. Kids! Just got to love them!

    Here's mine.

    Happy Thursday!

  5. It is wonderful just to get them to read and love books. I don't know what to say about having to replace one. But I buy lots of used ones for my grand kids. That way I do not have to worry about the library.

  6. Oh no, I'm sure you won't be the first person who brought back a book with a page missing. Just take all the pieces with you and ask if it can be restored...some of them are pretty good at that....LOL!!

  7. The library is the greatest place on earth...If you keep going the kids will grow to love and appreciate it...Great (yet unfortunate) pic!

  8. Oh no, isn't that always the way!

  9. its either a torn page or colored page everytime we return something to the library. They are going to ban us!

  10. So cool that your kids are getting to enjoy the library experience (that's one of the things I loved to do as a kid). Sorry about the dinosaur book - Princess Nagger was a page tearer when she was younger...

    Happy ATWT! :)

  11. ☺pps!!!
    Have a ♥L☺vely♥ ATWT!

  12. Hang in there, it will get better. So now you'll be the proud owner of a dinosaur book - minus one page! I think it's worth it to teach children to love books.

  13. i miss going to the library.. i havent been in one since college!

  14. Don't lose heart! This too shall pass! It is a great teaching time.

  15. And that is exactly why I dread library visits. ha!

  16. I'm sure they won't ban you. :D We love going to the library, too. :D

  17. Oh no! So sorry, but glad you had a good library outing!

  18. Well at least you'll have a book for your own library! Don't worry just figure out a way to keep the books away from the little ones when your not around. You'll figure it out.
    Have a Blessed Friday.

  19. Now, who (those who've had children, anyway) hasn't had this happen to them? Have a great weekend!

  20. teared! How cute!!! Well, at least it's yours now. :)

  21. We've had some similar scenes at our house--you are not alone....


  22. I totally feel the same way and had to purchase a library book or two b/c of ripping. That is why we are grounded from there until the kids are older.

  23. Oh man!

    I hope you have a better experience next time!

  24. that has happened to us before too! good luck with the walk of shame to take it to them and explain what happened- that is always the worst!

    my ww's:

  25. Note to you: I typed a similar comment to you several times when you first wrote this post but it kept resetting when I tried to do word verification and erasing it. I’ve had trouble with some blogs doing that lately. Anyway, after typing it a few times I gave up and took my shower instead. I finally decided to write it in word and copy so that if it did get deleted I would not have to start from scratch again.

    I wanted to get back to you, though…because part of that included a reply about your comments on the Shred…I hope it is not too outdated 

    As for your torn library book…

    I've seen worse than that. One time my parents...yes, my PARENTS, set a library book on fire! Mom spilled coffee on it. And it was due back that day. So dad says, "Put it in the microwave to dry it up." It dried it up all right. They left it in too caught fire! Not knowing what to do with it at that point… they put it in a paper lunch sack and just took it to the librarian and explained what they'd done!!! I still crack up imagining my almost 70 year old parents standing there and handing that bag to the librarian like a couple of kids. I kind of imagine Wally and Beaver Cleaver…but my parents faces.

    I didn't have a chance to get back to you about your comment on the shred either. I agree it gets old. I can't decide what I want to do now. I was thinking I will do this 3 days a week and continue with my regular cardio the other days while I find something new. I was looking at her Making the cut book...but you did need more equipment-like a bench and I have no room for it here. I don't really have the opportunity to go to the gym right it was doable because my hubby was home in the mornings-which he isn’t on a regular basis anymore. I am going to cancel my membership this week, because it is just money out the window. I’ve not been able to go since the end of March. Bottom line, if you get any ideas will you let me know?

    Happy 4th! I am sure you all will be up to something fun. Kat

    PS. We always require the youngers to keep all library books in the living room. Prevents loss and unintentional damage. Might help?


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