Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kids are funny!

7 Kidisms heard around our house recently:

My toddler walked into the room and exclaimed, "Who made 'dis mess?!"

Hmmm, wonder where he learned to ask that question!

My daughter was play grocery shopping when she told me, "I have twenty-nine things and soon I'm going to have twenty-twelve things!"

During lunch the other day my 2 year old cried out, "I bit my tongue! Mommy, kiss it!"

On a recent Saturday morning the kids woke up pretty early and were attempting to be quiet in the living room because they knew they'd be sent away if they came into our bedroom that early. I was lying in bed listening to their not-so-quiet conversations when I heard my 4 year old daughter say to my toddler, "Come over here so I can smell your diaper!" Then there was a small pause before I heard, "Ew! Yuck! You're poopy!"

The same 4 year old little girl was making a necklace for her daddy with her bead kit and for necklace-making purposes, she asked him, "Are you a boy that likes pink?"

I walked into the playroom where my 3 kids were happily playing together, busy with activity. I asked, "Whatcha guys doing?" My 6 year old son eagerly told me, "She's a doctor, he's a plumber and I'm a millionaire."

Ah, yes, the millionaire career, it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!

And last, we are in the throws of potty-training the toddler and yesterday he ran over to me and demanded, "Help my pee-pee come out!"

They grow up so fast! I'm hooked on enjoying the kidisms while I can, a finer thing on this parenting road!

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  1. cute! I love the millionaire one.

  2. Too funny! My kids say the funniest things too, but I can't seem to get them written down before I forget them, which is sometimes within minutes. How scary is that?! You'll be so glad you have these to look back on because they do grow so fast!

  3. Out of the mouths of babes. Love it! Glad you've recorded their words... we forget so quickly.

  4. I love to hear what kids say.... they hear everything and then add it in:) And I love the potty training quote.... such an adventure, a messy adventure:)

  5. You gave me my laugh-out-loud moment for the day with the "kiss my tongue, I bit it!" moment. Oh kids. I MISS all those funny, sweet things! Keep writing them down. I put two years worth into a Bible (in the margins), left it on the top of my car at BSF, and drove off. I cried for days. BLOGS are WAY safer for me!


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