Sunday, October 11, 2009

If Christopher Columbus Were a Homemaker

In honor of Columbus Day and Not Me! Monday, (a blog carnival created by MckMama for everyone to showcase what they have NOT been up to this week), I am listing discoveries Christopher Columbus would surely have made if he had been a homemaker.

The following new-worldesque discoveries were NOT made by me in the past week:
  • A bag of grapes under the 3rd row in the vehicle. Exact age uncertain - more than a few days old, less than a few months old.

  • A pair of toddler-sized Crocs in the pantry, right next to the granola bars!

  • The exact crockpot recommended by Consumer Reports on sale for $35 at Target when it is regularly $50 the very same week the old crockpot developed a crack and needed to be replaced!

  • A toddler with extremely gooey, greasy hair and his 4 year old sister holding the Aquaphor ointment (really thick lotion)!

  • Columbus was nothing if not a problem solver, so after a shampooing with Dawn dishwashing liquid and regular shampoo, if Toddler's hair were still greasy, Columbus would definitely have just covered it with a hat for the next few days!

Happy Columbus Day! May your week be filled with exciting new discoveries, hopefully of the less hair-raising variety!


  1. LOL! Loved this! Here's to discoveries that write our blogs for us! :)

  2. We have done the vaseline deal before... and the baby oil. I like your hat solution much better than my washing it over and over and over... then braid it solution.

    Great deal on the crockpot. I have been eyeing that one for awhile but I can not justify buying it when my old one is still in such great shape. Shucks!

    We've found shoes in the tupperware cupboard and cars in the pantry before but I don't think shoes in the pantry yet... but you never do know.

    This was a super clever Columbus day/not me post.

    I look forward to catching up on your posts now that I am home for three weeks.

    Happy autumn to you... hope the humidity dissipates quickly.

    And I didn't forget about the healthy email/post I promised. Will get to it soon!

  3. LOL about the grapes! Yuck! I'm sure I'd probably find something like that in my car if I went out there to look. Happy Columbus Day!

  4. Ahh!! Totally need a new crockpot and am heading to target to see what I can find. Loved the hair, had that adventure with my two boys last week only it was strawberry yogurt :)

  5. HAH!! Love the your house, of course. Sounds like you worked your magic, though, Columbus!!

    thanks for playing along!

  6. Isn't it crazy how chaos multiplies with little ones around! Imaginative post:)

  7. Just think what you can do with all the money you're saving ... crock pot on sale, pantry that doubles as a shoe rack, and Aquaphor deep conditioner (apply to hair once and it conditions for a month)!

    Smiles ~ Rachel (visiting from Hillary's blog)


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