Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glad it's not my house, or is it?

My kids called me over recently, couldn't wait to show me something in my daughter's room. "Look! Look! Look what we did to the dollhouse," my 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter said through fits of laughter! "We made it all crazy!"

"Yes, yes you did!" I exclaimed as they pointed out each and every thing they did to create all the madness!

But as I starred at that dollhouse all I could think was that sometimes my real house feels like that. Oh, the upheaval and mess that children can create so quickly! "Wasn't this all clean just yesterday?" I'll often ask my husband and he'll validate that indeed the destruction occurred in just 24 hours time!

I really relate to the girl on the dollhouse roof, standing on the chimney. Because, y'all the poor thing is just trying to get away from the chaos! And a little peace, even if you have to stand on the chimney to get it, is a finer thing!

The mess is a small price to pay for the loads of fun they had working together to create it, right?

Well, fun or no fun, I bet that dollhouse mama didn't take her children to the pool until they cleaned up their mess, either!

Of course, that dollhouse mama has worse troubles than the mess in her house, did you notice the giant baby in the attic?!!!

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  1. Compared to my house, that doll's house is CLEAN. I'm jealous. :)

  2. That's too funny! Creating chaos comes naturally to my boys, too! If you ever want company sitting on your chimney, give me a call. :)


  3. I'm thinking the giant baby is wise beyond her years...she's "asleep" and away from the mess as though she had nothing to do with it. I bet that mama on the roof has to keep one eye lookin' down at that one at all times.

  4. haha Enjoyed this as always. Have a wonderful week-end...HUGS, Debbie

    I appreciated the comment you left me yesterday, and I can see you definitely do understand how I was feeling. But I have come to the same conclusion you did. We may never know all the reasons and answers to "why" this side of heaven, and that is OK. Our trust is in the one who DOES know, and that is good enough for me. But it does makes me appreciate more what I have been given, and make me want to use my time for Him.

  5. LOL! Too funny! And if only I had a chimney........LOL!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. LOL...yeah, that giant attic baby could be a bit of a problem, ya think? LOL

  7. The doll people will need a crane to change that baby's diapers.

  8. The Mommy on the chimney just did it for me! Then the last line you wrote....LOL!!!

    have a blessed day!

  9. LOL... that giant attic baby was all I saw the first time I looked at the picture! Didn't even notice Mama trying to make her great escape. :) What a fun post!

  10. I knew I could visit you and get a good laugh today. I thank you and Kim for that. Loved the dollhouse and the baby in the attic!

  11. Ha! Our house is about like that after a week of hitting the parks in our town. I can really say I can't wait to vacuum tomorrow morning!

  12. ha.ha.ha! This made me laugh! And OHHHH can I relate. I'm going to find a way to escape to my chimney from now on!!!

  13. Your house doesn't look like that? Uh oh.

  14. Love the chaos they made! And do you really need the whole 24 hours to make the house that way?? I think mine can achieve it in less than 30 seconds! :D


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