Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rotten Eggs, Your Nose on TV, and a Dog Bath

I recently made some hard-boiled eggs. My 3 year old loves them, but for some reason calls them "rotten eggs". I have no idea why, but it plays out in him cheering, "Yay! We get rotten eggs for lunch!"


I took all 3 of my kids to an ENT doctor appointment where my daughter needed her ears checked after one year without tubes and my 3 year old was getting checked for potentially enlarged adenoids. At his 3 year old check-up the pediatrician was worried about the fact that my toddler still drools quite a bit. Apparently age 3 is when drooling becomes rather abnormal. Anyway, the ENT decided he needed to use his flexible camera tube to look inside my son's nose to determine if his adenoids were enlarged and potentially causing him to breathe more through his mouth therefore causing his mouth to always be opened thus the drooling. So, he looks at my toddler and says, "Let's go into the room next door and see your nose on TV!"

Well, my 4 year old daughter and 7 year old son needed to hear no more. They were delighted with the idea of seeing their little brother's nose on TV and quickly became worked up into a frenzy that should never grace the inside of a doctor's office. As we walked through the hall to the next room my daughter's gleeful shouts to her little brother of, "COME ON! LET'S GO SEE YOUR NOSE ON TV!!!!!" could be heard for miles!

The answer to the adenoids question was yes, they are larger than normal, so we'll likely have them removed in the next month or so. Thankfully it is a very minor out-patient surgery with minimal recovery time and we are very comfortable/familiar with the doctor doing the surgery as he put tubes in my daughter's ears twice. And my pediatrician said if the adenoids are enlarged it can cause sleep apnea and may be causing my 3 year old to not sleep well at night, not that he wakes us up at night (because to us it seems like he sleeps well) but he wakes his body up enough all night long that he may never get really restful sleep, causing the crankiness/impatience we often see in the mornings. Anyway, the pediatrician told me after the surgery, I'd have a new child! And I felt a little guilty for thinking it, but man, I was a bit excited about the idea of getting a new child in the place of my 3 year old! Not that he doesn't have tons of wonderful, love-able qualities -- I definitely don't want those to go away, but I will give up some of his less desirable quirks!


As a rainy morning activity today my kids and I decided to bathe the dog in the bathtub. She really needed it and the kids were truly excited about helping. My oldest even volunteered to stand in the bathtub with her so he could really scrub!

But, in reality, their "help" consisted of eagerly gathering in the bathroom as I ran the water and got the dog in the tub, but then as she got wet and sudsy and began to shake off, they ran squealing out of the bathroom. Then it became a game, they'd come in until the next shake off and then run giggling out of the bathroom, leaving me, a wet, soapy, dog-haired covered mess, to tend to all the actual work of bathing.

So now I've got 1 clean dog
and 3 children who cannot be trusted!

Happy Friday y'all!

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  1. Lol!!! Too funny about the nose on tv :) Kids are great :)

  2. Oh my! It's so good that you can find the humor in your every day life. My kids bring the same energy and fun to our household too. And you tell it so well, I feel like I'm there squealing with them. LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love the nose on tv! How funny!!! And your dog getting a bath reminds me that my dog needs one too. We give her one outside in a big tub. It is funny when the kids go squealing around because of the water shaking off the dog! Have a great day!

  4. Oh my...this made me laugh so hard! I love that the truly funny things in life come from being a Mom...what the bit about getting a new child, hee hee hee

  5. Funny sayings and cute dog! Have a happy Friday yourself!

  6. Oh I would have totally wanted to see the inside of a nose on TV - Hope it was memorable! :)

    My sister's infant had undiagnosed acid reflux for three months. She was just awful, cried all the time, ate very little, but was always hungry and was just a nightmare. They finally got a diagnosis and medication and they had the child they dreamed of! She is such a happy kid now. Amazing what a little bit of medical know how can do. I hope your little toddler gets some relief :)

    Kristin - The Goat

  7. That dog is adorable! Nice job :)

    I'm excited for the results of the adenoid removal. Keeping fingers crossed for you! :)

  8. wow, I'm so glad I got directed here today (via a few blogs in succession) - this post fits my 4YO daughter (still drooling) and I'm getting her checked out ASAP. Thanks for posting about this!


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