Thursday, April 14, 2011


Apparently I'm losing the war against allowing the puppy on the couch. Notice my husband is not pushing said puppy off the couch in this picture but rather cuddling with the puppy on the couch!


And as a bonus nudging our puppy towards the "Best Pet Ever" status, I caught her drinking out of the toilet tonight. "Really?" was all I could think to ask her when I saw it.


Years ago, before I had children, I ran a marathon. 26.2 miles! There was great crowd support with people cheering, entertaining, and handing out goodies all along the route. As I approached mile 23 the crowd began yelling, "You're almost there! The end is so close! Keep going!!" They were chanting those words to all the runners, trying to be encouraging. But, not having run the marathon course before, I believed them, like literally thought just around the next curve was going to be the finish line!

For 3.2 miles!

3.2 miles that included some hills, I might add!

I was able to finish strong, but looking back the last few miles were way harder than they'd have been if I hadn't thought the finish line was closer than it was.

The past 2 weeks waiting on our adoption referral has felt like that last 3.2 miles. Each day thinking, "Surely today!" and each day ending without "The Call". But, we're pressing on, just not carrying our phones absolutely everywhere with quite the same excitement and gusto we had days ago!

Today my 3 year old used the term "LED light" appropriately in a sentence, so now I have to record some of the funny things he says before he grows out of them and I forget!

the dining room = "diving room"

scuba diver = "scooper diver"

restaurant = "restronk"

and this week there was Open House at his preschool, only I don't think he understood "Open House" being at his school because he kept referring to it as "Open School". Like, "We'll have dinner and then go to my Open School."

I'm sure I'll be thinking of many others to add to this list!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Just making the FF rounds - enjoy reading about 3 yr. olds figuring out the world. It's a fun age.

  2. Words of 3 year olds make me smile. My 4 1/2 year old still has a few like "are you doing the speed lemon" (limit) and "where's the loke matrol?" (remote control). Love 'em.

    Have a great weekend! Off to the gym carrying my lap top, camcorder, camera and cell phone - just in case!!

  3. Kids say the darndest things. Good thing you thought to get them down.

    Looks like the puppy won the battle, bad husband!

  4. I love remembering the funny things my kids said when they were little. I wish I had a blog back then!

  5. How wonderful you have put these cute little things down somewhere. I remember my kids said the CUTEST things, but I can't remember what half of them were. Have a wonderful week-end!

  6. My husband wants a dog one day, and I have many fears that seem similar to the issues you're having with your least I don't have to worry about making any sort of dog decision until we're in a house!

    Have a great weekend :)

  7. My nieces call me Tottie instead of Auntie. I love that :)

    I can imagine that I would think the finish line was just around the corner, too. How frustrating to have another 3 miles! Goodness.

  8. The last few miles are rough! I have an adopted daughter and it truly is a from the heart pregnancy. Up and down. Hang in there and best wishes:)

  9. The Bellin Run goes through my mom's neighborhood, and I enjoy cheering runners on at the end. However, I always say, "You're almost there! Three more blocks!!" I love it, because most people are thrilled to hear the news, but a handful always moan, "Are you KIDDING me?! THREE MORE?!Agghhhh." (It's only like 6 miles or something like that. Easy for me to say, right?haha)


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