Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Ramblings

We've had tremendous beautiful, warm weather here for several weeks, but there was one day this week that turned chilly, so for afternoon snack we had homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles. One last hurrah for winter!

And remember what I said last Friday about you guys getting a front row seat to enjoy all the chaos without having to clean up from it?

Well, the hot chocolate fun ended as pretty much all good things do around here, with a mess!
But, enjoying hot chocolate with my 3 most favorite little people at 3:30pm on an April day? Was so worth the mess!!


This next story is just to illustrate the level of tolerance my husband and I have developed for the chaos. The kids have a police motorcycle ride-on toy in our playroom. It has buttons to push and it spews out messages, and at random points over the last 7 years we've had the toy, it will start broadcasting the messages even though nobody is pushing the buttons. The first few times it happened it was spooky because it always seemed to happen late at night when all the kids were asleep and we'd go investigate the noise expecting to find a child out of their bed but there wouldn't be one! We finally figured out the toy was just malfunctioning and taking the batteries out and putting them back in would fix the problem for several months.

But, the other night around 10pm while my husband and I were downstairs, the toy was shouting out, "Calling officer! Report to headquarters!" over and over again. And we both just ignored it, didn't even comment about it, worry that it would wake up the sleeping children, fight over who was going to go remove the batteries, just no acknowledgement at all! I don't think either of us even flinched. Finally after about 45 minutes of the crazy, I looked at my husband and said, "I can't believe that thing has been going off for a while now and neither of us has done anything about it!" And then I sent him upstairs with the screw driver!


I made these homemade granola bars this week and they were super easy and super yummy, endorsed by our entire family!


If you're an Ikea lover or a dog person, this YouTube video is hilarious!

Too bad it's a joke, because our puppy Madeline would really like a highchair!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I love tinkering with old toys. I took the rap music thing from one and added it to a barbie phone. I probably liked it more than the kids. Just my guess but I bet one of the switches gets stuck. Have you ever taken the batteries out and just told the kids it was broken? Sometimes you do what you need to do.

  2. oh man, we had a toy that did that also. hubby was investigating the first time with his bat... it was nuts. it got 'lost' one night and the kids have stopped asking for it.

    i also like the highchair for dogs. our dog is so messy when it eats!!

    the hot cocoa sounds great!! i am always amazed that you can get photos up of your week. you inspire me!!

  3. haha on that toy...we had one that did that too only we just got rid of it. It WAS scary at first. Our's was a talking horse!! YAY for one last hot chocolate treat...Have a wonderful week-end!

  4. Oh how I remember the days of noisy toys. Thanks goodness they're on to Legos and barbies now! Stoppin by from FF. Have a good weekend.
    Following now.

  5. we have a wall decorated like that of you hot chocolate wall. I feel ya!
    going to try granola bars too!! thanks for sharing that

  6. Good for you for embracing the chilly weather. I probably would have whined my way through it.

    I think I will give those granola bars a try. No nuts means my kiddos might actually eat them.

  7. I think that's so funny that you're enjoying the last bit of your cold weather...I live in northern Wisconsin and we have hot chocolate all the way through April, often! It's actually more rare to be able to go outside without a sweatshirt! :) (early in April, anyways) I love that picture of your 3 kiddos on your earlier post. I can't wait until my children will do that!

  8. Some toys do that when the battery is getting low. I don't know why, but that is sometimes the explanation.


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