Monday, October 17, 2011

Remember when . . .

Anyone been reading my blog long enough to remember this story?

Something today reminded me of this and I had to search out the blog post; a republish is definitely in order.

I'm grateful the popcorn mess has not repeated itself in the past 2 years, but I'm even more grateful to have recorded the memory. It's not that it necessarily gets easier or that there are not spectacular things about every age and stage I've seen so far, but at the same time, there is just nothing like those toddler days!

***Originally published April 8, 2009***

What it is like having a toddler in the house:
  1. Yeah, it's pretty much like that. THOUSANDS of popcorn kernels strewn across your kitchen floor!
  2. He pulled the bag out of the pantry, took off the clothes pin that was keeping the bag shut, and shook the entire contents onto the floor.
  3. I was just a few feet away and heard him rustling in the pantry but it was snack time, the bigger kids had been in the pantry, too, and I assumed he was getting out crackers.
  4. Then I heard it, a sound like rain and wondered what in the world had happened that it was raining in my kitchen.
  5. The next sounds were from my 6 year old shrieking, "He's doing something really bad!"
  6. I stared at the mess in disbelief. We were having guests the next day and I had many things to clean up already!
  7. Clearly the popcorn kernels became first priority.
  8. I whisked out the 2 sets of hand brooms and dust pans as my toddler began shouting, "MESS! MESS!"
  9. I guess it was a lesson in cause and effect for him. Bag of popcorn kernels + opening + turning upside down = MESS!
  10. I made the mistake of enlisting my toddler and 2 older kids in helping clean up the mess, I guess I thought the work of cleaning it up would deter any of them from making such a mess again, but soon there were popcorn kernels coating the entire 1st floor of my home!
  11. Because you see, kids sweep with gusto and they are not so good with the dust pan!
  12. If you come to my home anytime in the next 8 months you are likely to step on a kernel. Take my advice and wear your shoes at all times!
  13. Thankfully that mischievous toddler is also the sweetest thing, giving the best hugs many times each day. Just yesterday when I got him out of his crib first thing in the morning, all he wanted to do was, "Kiss . . . Sisser! Hug . . . Sisser!" and he did, crawl in bed with his big sister and kiss and hug her!
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  1. Oh no, haha, I remember the days well. I remember an especially bad once when my youngest son was just 5 and was getting a snack out of the refrigerator, and dumped a HUGE box of blueberries all over the floor. We stepped on them in the strangest places for days, and it made a squishy purple mess to boot....soo not good, haha. Have a good day...and enjoy these times, they do tend to fly by. HUGS

  2. Oh goodness, I know those days and am so thankful we're mostly through those sort of messes. It seems like every family has an exquisite mess memory!

  3. Oh I will have another toddler in the house before I know it! ...can't wait!


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