Sunday, October 16, 2011

Very Few Red Carpets in the Real World

Friday night my 6 year old daughter and I went on a Mother/Daughter retreat with our church. It was at a hotel about an hour away. We've done many dates together just the two of us, but it's the first overnight and I have to say, it was lovely! Sweet, sweet time together.

We will be doing it again some day, only next time maybe not with a scheduled 8am breakfast we need to attend because my girl will sleep in, unlike her two brothers that wake us up at 7am every single day with no regard for a Saturday morning and parents who are not morning people!

Practically as soon as we got home on Saturday afternoon, we had to head out again, she and I, for a birthday party for a little girl in her class at school. My husband almost took her so we could switch and I could have time with the boys but we decided I'd take her to the party at the last minute and good thing because he would not have survived! I knew it was some sort of dress-up party at a place we'd never been to before, but I had no idea how over the top it would be. The moment we walked in the doors and the fumes of nail polish remover mixed with hairspray about knocked me over, I knew we were in for it!

The little girls all got to choose a dress to wear during the party from a rack that did not contain your typical princess wannabe dresses, oh no, these were dresses fit for the academy awards! Like dresses I would probably not even let my daughter pick out for prom! Think full-length sequins, feathers, and fake fur!

They got their fingernails painted. Then they got their hair and make-up done complete with tons of glitter, red lipstick, and blue or purple eyeshadow. I whispered to one of the moms I knew well, "This is the last time she wears red lipstick for a very long time." The mom whispered back, "Yeah, I don't even let my daughter paint her fingernails at home!" I replied, "I know! We just do toenails because I feel like that's enough for now, we are probably going to fight the make-up battle soon enough, why rush things?"

THEN they rolled out a red carpet and had the girls walk down the runway one by one!

Oh, no they DIDN'T. Oh, yes they did.

I was amazed that some of the girls seemed to know exactly what to do and even struck a pose at the end! And I was really relieved when my 6 year old didn't exactly "work it" on the runway but shyly walked down and stood at the end looking cute rather than like a diva!

The party being a one time thing probably didn't scar my daughter, but really what are we as a society doing to our little girls?

I mean seriously, I was just browsing potential Christmas gifts for my 6 year old daughter who wants to be a teacher when she grows up, do you know what teacher Barbie looks like?

Is it just me or is Barbie more dressed for a night club? Have you ever seen a teacher dressed like that?

How about the Preschool Teacher Barbie? Surely, she's dressed more practically to deal with the physical care of little ones?

Nope, a short, short mini skirt!! No way she could bend over to wipe a 3 year old's nose without revealing way too much!

One more, "Barbie I can be a Newborn Baby Doctor". Give me some scrubs! Oh no, a short ruffled mini skirt and pink high heals!

Perhaps I should have had all boys.

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  1. This is my first time reading your blog, and I have to tell you, I am so glad that I have all boys. Teaching them modesty and proper, respectful behavior is hard. But not as hard as it is with girls! I am always shocked by the selection of clothing aimed at 6 and 7 year olds! And some of the Halloween costumes! Thank goodness for cowboys and dragons! I don't know what I would do if I had a daughter who wanted to dress in a skimpy little witch costume! Glad I am not the only mom who thinks make up and hair parties should wait until they are older. Maybe 30?!?


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