Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What could be more peaceful than a family hike?

My four children standing in age order (oldest to youngest) staring out across a tranquil pond, complete with lily pads:

What could be more peaceful, more perfect?

And actually that moment, all 60 seconds of it, WAS peaceful.

My husband and I even sat back on a bench, so confident we were that nobody was going to fall or jump in!


if you have kids (especially more than 1 or 2), you might know that there were many, many moments leading up to that picture and following that picture that were far from peaceful!

That picture was taken a few weeks ago when we thought it would be fun to do a little hiking as a family.  Hiking that also ended up combining some biking for my littlest kids, hence Little Girl's sporting of the bike helmet in the picture.

Hiking that entailed some hot weather, bugs, a nature center that closed before the kids had a chance to really see everything inside that they wanted to, an irrational fear of snakes by one child, egging on by other children, and well, WALKING and some children's desires not to have to walk while on a hike (I know!  My husband and I remind each other often that we are not exactly dealing with rational human beings while parenting our children)! 

There was a lot of whining and loud fussing.  Which all had me exclaiming, "Really I assure you there is no need to worry about the snakes because with this commotion they are slithering the other way, away from you people!"

But, then we got to the pond I knew was there and pressed on to find despite my oldest son and husband's map wielding insistence that the marsh we'd walked through was actually the pond, just mostly dried up!  And it was so pretty, there were no signs of alligators that the snake-fearing child was equally worried about, and all four of the children were content to stare down into the pond in awe of the turtles and fish swimming around.

It was worth it.

The whining, the heat, the annoying behavior, all we had to endure to get to that moment. 

 I could have just posted that picture of the kids without the backstory, I guess I'm feeling the need to keep it real around here!


  1. Awwwwwwwww. What a fun post to read. I can just imagine it : ) The whining and the bugs and all the hassle that led up to that pretty moment. Your kids are adorable : ) at least from behind. Sweet moment for sure.

  2. Love it!! I agree that not every picture tells the whole story -- as we, the parents, know it. I can imagine it, too. :)

  3. I love it - and you're right, that awesomely tranquil shot belies the trail to get there... ;)

    Angry Bird Launching 101

  4. LOL! This brought back a few memories. :)

    In 1989 when my family was young, we had purchased 20 acres.
    My husband and, I were excited to take the kids and, explore the land.
    No sooner than we are getting out of the truck, my oldest decided
    to tell my youngest that there were snacks out there. Grrrrrrr!
    My youngest was 3. He cried the entire time and, refused to get out
    of the truck. Guess how much exploring I got to do?

  5. that IS perfection. Life at it's simplest and purest :)


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