Thursday, May 17, 2012

You can always count on us for some chaos!

In our living room we have a leather ottoman instead of a coffee table.  It worked great when the kids were toddlers and we didn't have to worry about them bumping their heads on it.  Now it's comfy to stretch our legs out on.  And the dog enjoys that for some reason we allow her to get on it when she is not allowed on the other furniture!

Tonight the dog ran into the house after her nightly walk with my husband and she immediately jumped up onto the ottoman and settled down to chew on something.  I thought it was a little strange that she ran right in and grabbed her chew bone, so I was suspicious that it was something else she was chewing on, something she'd picked up on her walk.  My husband has told me many times that he's always getting her to spit out dead frogs she picks up off the street while they are walking, so I was really hoping that was not what she had.

But, sure enough, it was!  Look there on the end of the ottoman!

A dead frog, right there in the middle of my living room (actually in the same spot where the dead beetle was during our last adoption caseworker visit), on top of the ottoman!

Because we are not really grown-ups, my husband and I had a little "Not me!" back and forth argument about which one of us was going to get rid of the dead frog.  We both thought it was just too gross to deal with.

I even brought out the big guns for my argument with, "Just think of all the dirty diapers I've changed!"

He knew he was beat and said if I'd hold the dog off so she couldn't get it again then he'd pick it up.

He decked out in rubber gloves while I grabbed the camera and snapped a picture to show the kids in the morning!

Really, I just couldn't make this chaos up!


We've been talking with Little Girl a bit lately about the concept of a "full name", and letting her practice saying her own full name complete with first, middle and last names.

I was putting my make-up on the other morning and she walked in and asked me what my "name full" was (our English language structure with the whole adjective then noun order is tough, but makes for cute mistakes, like the way she calls Puff the Magic Dragon, "Dragon Puff").  I told her my full name and said, "But you get to call me 'Mommy'."

She paused for half a beat, pointed at her brother and said, "But he calls you 'Mom!'"

She's a smart one, that Little Girl!  

I really need to instigate the rule that you must at least be able to read before you switch from calling me "Mommy" to "Mom"!


We got a new couch this week.  Actually it's a sectional.  Our last couch we'd had for I-can't-even-remember-how-long and it really only seated 3 of us comfortably, then we had 2 other chairs in our living room, neither all that comfortable, but at least usable for family movie night, but ever since we've been a family of 6, my oldest has been sitting on the floor for movies!  We really needed more seating.  Our living room is not very big, so my husband had to measure a bunch of times and draw a scaled diagram to figure out what configuration of sectional would even fit.

It was delivered this week and is such a perfect fit that the delivery guys made the comment, "Someone must have done their measurements!"  I admitted that, "My husband has an engineering background."

But, the problem is that I had it all set up for the day before our new sectional was to be delivered, a charity was going to come pick-up our old couch.  But, they didn't show up to collect our couch for donation!  My husband and I were forced to move the old couch outside onto the covered patio to make room for the new couch delivery.  I was all, "Look!  Now we have fancy outdoor furniture just like all the catalogs are showing!"  He he!

No, instead we've covered it with a blue tarp and I've got another charity lined up to come tomorrow.  Only I can't actually be home to let them in all day, so my plan is to have my husband help me move the couch onto the driveway in the morning and then leave a note on the front door that says, "The donation is on the driveway!"  Here's to hoping the plan works and somehow that couch is gone by the time I get home tomorrow afternoon.  Anyone looking for a 10 year old couch (that I promise, miraculously was never thrown-up on), feel free to drive by our house tomorrow!


Happy, happy, dead-frog-free Friday!

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  1. We have a small pond in our back yard that has a few frogs. Every so often our dog will catch one and bring it to me (bluck) or we will run one over in the driveway (puke)!

  2. Once we had a HUGE dead frog splatted across the front of our van.

    I was gagging just LOOKING at the dog chewed dead frog - - - I'm keeping this story in the back of my mind as FURTHER reason for not wanting another dog - - - ever.

  3. dogs are little wooses..scared of their own shadows..thank God!!
    I was in the middle of putting grocerys away doing tons of laundry wich was in piles in my living room and vacuuming and my power went out. Just then the adoption caseworker stopped by. That was a very long time ago and I was blessed with my daughter:)

  4. I'm laughing and cringing at the same time about the frog! Love the stories!! Definitely day-brighteners!

    And I love that your little girl is learning her full name and figuring out your names! Our 3-year-old just renamed himself from "Ethan" to "T-han" because apparently "the 'e' is silent and makes the 't' say its name." Love how their little brains are thinking and learning and processing stuff in the most funny and unique ways!


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