Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ahhh, Summer!

Let me count some of the ways I loved summer today:

Several custom-made houses were created before 9am.

 (I love the little head popping up in the middle!)

The girls stayed in their pajamas all day long (okay, so the 6 year old took hers off and put on her swimsuit for 7am swim team practice, but promptly bathed and put back on her pjs after swimming was over!).  This picture was taken at 5pm!  Although I wanted to stay home all day, we had two very short car trips to take and pick-up the 5 year old from a class he's doing with our favorite kindergarten teacher this summer, but no worries, I just took the girls in their jammies -- we're not proud!

In the jammies picture the girls are showing off their freshly painted finger and toenails that were made possible by the lovely unstructured, less-scheduled time that is summer!  

So was this:

My 5-year-old son's "Hole's Store".  "I'm selling holes if anybody needs any!"  he announced.  It's a messy business, but thankfully that 5 year old knows his way around a hand broom and dustpan!  If you're in need of some holes, he's your man!

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  1. Holes...now that's a creative business! Nothing wrong with jammies in the middle of the day sometimes. Forts are always so much fun for kids. In facct, my 12 year old made one the other day.


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