Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doggy Camouflage, No Shoes, and the Copying Game

Can you find my dog in the picture below?

Hint:  She's the same color as the bedding in her crate.


I love the more relaxed side of summer, but it's getting to the point that I'm seriously thinking about going to Old Navy and buying $2.50 flip flops in each of my kids' sizes and keeping them in the car because lately we've gotten out somewhere in the car before I realize 50% of my kids don't have shoes on and no way am I taking barefoot kids into the grocery store or library!


This week my 3 oldest kids taught Little Girl the joy that is called drive-your-sibling-crazy-by-copying-everything-he-or-she-says.  But, what they didn't count on is that she'd immediately turn her newly-found copying skills against them and just how good Little Girl would be at copying and how long she could continue without getting tired!

Here's a small audio snapshot of my week:

One of the older kids: "Mom!  She's copying me!"

Little Girl (the 3 year old):  "Mom!  She's copying me!"

One of the older kids: "Mom, she's STILL copying me!"

Little Girl (the 3 year old): "Mom, she's STILL copying me!"

One of the older kids: "Mom, make her stop!"

Little Girl (the 3 year old): "Mom, make her stop!"

Yeah, so you know you want to come over and delight in the copying game phase that's happening around here!  Really it doesn't get to me too much, I mean it is just so cliche'!  Brothers and sisters have been doing this to each other since the beginning of time!

And then there's always the fun I had when one of the kids started copying what I said, so I promptly began saying, "Mom is awesome!  I'm going to go clean my room right now, then I'll sweep and mop the floor right before I take a 2 hour nap!"

Hee, hee, hee.


Happy Friday, Friends!

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  1. oh the fun games of siblings (stop touching me I'm writing a comment, go to your room, I'm telling mom)
    funny pic
    Oh you could get in the habit of doing a shoe check before you pulled out of the driveway.

  2. That was a great picture of the puppy. He is tough to see.

  3. The copying game can become pretty annoying, but I remember doing that too. Not so much saying things but just movements more. Love your response to them copying what you say!

  4. No one can outwit a mom, huh? :)

  5. The copying game has definitely stood the test of time....and you are very smart to join all the moms through the years who have turned it to their advantage.
    The doggy pic is great.

  6. Love your response to the copying game. Wish I had thought of that! haha

  7. Perfect comeback on that copying game! I'm definitely going to have to pass that along to my daughter! ;-)

  8. did they take you up on any of your recommendations for cleaning? hahahah, too cute!

  9. The sibling copying phase is cliche, but it's a time-honored rite of passage, like the "Why" phase!

    I like your solution to then copying you!


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