Thursday, December 6, 2012

On taking 4 kids and a ladybug to Home Depot

We went to a gingerbread house decorating event at our church last Saturday.  Most awesome part?  Getting to leave behind the mess and just bring home our gingerbread house!


Yesterday we had an electrician come to fix an outside plug and also the ceiling fan the kids broke.  He said we definitely needed a new fan and when I asked if he could do that, he said, "If you run to Home Depot and get one I can install it for you."  I was like, "What? I don't go to Home Depot, my husband does and he's out of town and I have no idea what type of fan to get and besides it's 4:30pm so all 4 of my kids are home, so there's no just running to Home Depot, do you have any idea the logistical situation you have just proposed?"

Okay, I didn't really say all that, I just thought it and then ran quick to hustle the kids into the car.  My 7 year old daughter had just caught a ladybug and had it in a large yogurt container.  She didn't want to leave it, so I was all, "Just bring it!"  And that's how I ended up taking 4 kids and a ladybug to Home Depot.  The ladybug is in the white container my older daughter is holding. 

Somehow we found a fan similar to the one we had, thankfully I had my 9 year old son to help because I was all, "Oh, you're right, the old fan didn't have lights on it!"  

The shopping trip was made especially exciting on the way home by the drama from the backseat when my daughter thought the ladybug had died (she didn't have time to poke holes in the lid before we left)  and then realized it was in fact still alive and then began shouting things like, "Hang on ladybug, just a little longer, we're almost home, don't die!  We'll get you air!"

The ladybug did survive the trip and get some air holes.  And was released back into the wild before bedtime.  And the new ceiling fan is installed -- I'm counting the new fan as the kids' Christmas present!

Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. What a great mom your are - - - I would never have THOUGHT to let her bring the ladybug, and why not - - - it's these little things in life that make lasting memories.

    I wish I would have been hidden somewhere in the car to hear the "don't die" statements.

    Too cute and funny.

  2. I loved this share....and I must agree....leaving the mess behind and getting to take home the result. A lasting treasure of memories.

  3. This sounds like a hectic experience and I would count it as a gift as well. At least you saved some money by not having the electrician come out twice.

  4. I don't have kids, but I would definitely agree that bringing home just the gingerbread house and not the mess is awesome. And bringing 4 kids and a ladybug to Home Depot must have been an adventure!

  5. Love ladybugs! Glad she allowed you to let it out into the wild. I woulda kept it forever and ever.

  6. I just loved this post! I especially love your daughter fighting with the ladybug for her life! So sweet!

    We so need fans on our back porch .....I love sitting out there, but it can get warm!

  7. I hope you don't mind, I had to post this to my MOPS group on Facebook. Pretty funny! Thanks!

    1. Actually, not just pretty funny, I should have said hilarious! Still chuckling three days later!


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