Monday, December 3, 2012

Yes, they are sisters.

We had our 12 month post-placement caseworker visit this past weekend (a little early, the 24th will mark 1 year since we brought Little Girl home from Ethiopia).  Thankfully it was uneventful!  But the 12 month mark got me thinking about some things.

Like the question I get a lot.  And a question many people who already have biological children and are thinking about adopting a child ask me.

"What does it do to the children you already have?" or "Do they get along?"

This was a fear we had, that adopting a child would mess up the pretty good thing we had going with the 3 kids we already had.  But we did it anyway because we were so certain God was leading us to adoption and we feared more what it would mean for our family if we didn't listen to God than what might happen if we adopted a child.

Now, nearly 12 months post-adoption, I can look back at that fear and honestly say rather than being hurt by the adoption, my older 3 children are better people because we adopted their little sister.

And all 4 of my kids are siblings through and through.  The love, the play, the fighting and tattling -- it's all there!

And these sisters?  Well, they've really hit it off and my bet is they'll be best friends for life.  A priceless, precious gift to each other for the rest of their days.


  1. That is just absolutely amazing. I'm so glad that you opened up your heart and home to this blessing. She's beautiful and is right where she was always meant to be.


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