Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Birthday Card from a Big Sister to a Little Sister

Sometimes it amazes me that people still ask me how my biological children have taken to their adopted sister (adopted 22 months ago).  I don't think anything bad about the person asking the question, it's just that my kids are my kids now and imagining that my younger daughter would have some sort of different sibling relationship with my other 3 kids than they have with each other is such a strange concept to me and so far from our reality.  All 4 of my kids interact as normal siblings, brothers and sisters.  They love each other, they annoy each other, they play together, they share rooms, they correct each other, they laugh, they fuss, but when it comes right down to it, they are each other's best friends.  Lifelong companions!

I understand this curiosity people have about bringing a child into a family as a 3 year old and from a different race and culture than the children already living in the home.  But, what I want people to understand is that the love of a sister or brother can transcend those differences!

I couldn't help thinking of this when I looked inside a small birthday book/card my 8 year old daughter created for her sister, my 5 year old daughter:

"Dear (I blanked out her name), Happy Birthday.  You are medium now.  I love you.  I'll let you pick a game to play.  I looooooooove you again.  Love, (her name was here)"

The "You are medium now." made me laugh.  This refers to the fact that my 8 year old says to her 5 year old sister, "You are not little anymore, but you are not big yet either.  You are medium."

They are sisters through and through!

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