Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's in Your Cupholder?

A totally random snapshot from my week: 

Little girl's school does show-and-tell based on letters of the alphabet.  The first week all the kids bring things that start with letter "A", the second week was "B", etc.  The kids write 3 clues about their item and put it in a small fabric bag.  When they take it to school they get to tell their clues and the classmates try to guess.  She took this tiny doll to school this week as her letter "D" show and tell.  And then it rode home from school in my cupholder.  Because why not?  When you are that tiny you can just ride anywhere!  Of course Little Girl wanted me to take a picture of her doll in the cupholder since clearly a doll in a cupholder screams "Kodak-moment!"


Speaking of dolls, having 2 daughters and having been a little girl who loved dolls, I thought I'd seen it all when it came to doll features.  You know, there are ones that talk, ones that go potty, ones that drink a bottle, ones that crawl, ones that swim, etc.  But, no, I had no seen it all!

Recently I took my 8 year old to the toy store to redeem a gift card she got for her birthday and we saw this doll:

The Runny Nose doll!  She comes complete with her own box of Kleenex and a little cup that she apparently drinks out of and then this happens:


I told my daughter.  Well, at least they are making dolls true to reality now, because when you guys were babies and toddlers there were days when I felt like all I did was wipe your nose over and over again.  But still, I wouldn't want that feature in my doll!

Next there will be the projectile spit-up baby doll!


I had to make the walk of shame recently.  The one where you have to go up to the librarian at the elementary school library (the one where you volunteer once a week, no less) and tell her your child has lost their library book, it cannot be found anywhere and you need to pay for it.  

There was a time earlier in my mothering when I might have seen this as a parenting failure.  But, really it's not like they hand you a "Bad Mom" sign right there in the library.  You pay for the book, get a receipt, and you instruct your little angel to be more careful with books in the future, life goes on.  No big deal!  

There's nothing like the wisdom of more years of mothering and more children to mellow a woman out!

And honestly, the fact that this is the FIRST school library book we've lost after 6 years with some combination of kids attending is actually a win in my book!  I have 3 kids at this school; 3 different possibilities to loose library books every week!  Really the librarian should have high-fived me -- FIRST BOOK lost!  In SIX years!  Amazing!

It also helped me feel better that I saw a friend and told her I was paying for a library book and she said she'd had to buy the equivalent of an entire bookcase during her kids tenure at the elementary school.


Happy Friday, Friends!  Find more Friday Fragments here.


  1. great pic of the cup holder doll - looks a little tight.
    "projectile spit-up baby doll" - could be a big hit with boys who tend to like gross stuff more for some reason.

  2. I haven't looked at dolls in the store for so's sad. Ha. For my daughter's 21'st birthday, I included a Barbie in her bday care package. You know, just for sentimental sake. She thought I'd finally lost it. Ha.

  3. Oh, that doll is just too...too...well, it's just too. Right up there with the one that pooped a few years back. Who on earth wants to play that??

  4. Yuk, runny noses gross me out and so would the doll. Lol! And I thought the pooping doll was bad. I'm always trying to keep school library books in one place so we don't misplace them. And then regular library books stay in the library bag. But it's oh so confusing sometimes. I had to go in last year and tell our school librarian that I think we lost a book. Then it turns out that we had returned it but someone else took it before it got checked back in. I like that...the walk of shame.

  5. I would much prefer a doll in my cup holder instead of the gross things I usually find in mine! And please, no runny dolls for me. I have enough real runny noses in this house.

  6. I love the doll in the cup holders little feet:) Runny nose dolls...yuk. All six of my granddaughters are into the American Girl dolls or Bitty Babies. Expensive but very educational.
    If we were judged as mothers by the library books our kids lost I would be a giant failure. My son lost at least one a month. I tried, I really did. Funny thing he grew up to be so organized, he is a single dad and his kids have never lost a book...


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