Thursday, November 21, 2013

Can you spell "cornucopia"?

My 3rd grader's spelling words this week:

I love the Thanksgiving themed words, but just being honest here, I had no idea that was how you spelled "cornucopia"!


We got to preschool early one day this week.  I know, I was surprised, too!

Little Girl used the extra few minutes before school started to crawl around exploring every inch of the car.  She found the sunglasses she hadn't seen in months and was delighted!  And now, it's all about the sunglasses!  In fact she insists on wearing them right up to the door of her preschool class and only then will she take them off and hand them to me to "keep safe" while she is at school.

Ever wonder what it would be like living with a rock star?

I think like I kind of know what that feels like.  We certainly have the drama and attitude down, good thing there is all the cute as well!


It's Friday and my house is a mess, so that's all for today.

Happy Friday, Friends!


  1. She looks ready to rock out! Have a great weekend!

  2. I can't say how much I loved the picture!

  3. She does have rock star written all over her cute face!
    My house is such a mess too and I don't even have kids living here anymore.
    I told my husband he had to help me with it just so I can get caught up.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. She's a character, that one! :)

    I spent several hours shampooing all of our carpets the day before Thanksgiving. On the big day, my sister's dog crapped and peed in the living room, and someone tracked it all over the damned place before anyone noticed (about 20 minutes before dinner). Sometimes, I can't win for losing! We'll never catch up, will we?!


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