Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oshin really is a better way to spell it!

My 6 year old has a saying, "my worst favorite" that he uses often.  For example, "My worst favorite day is Monday."  I LOVE this saying of his and think it is the cutest thing!  Maybe it is because he is my 3rd child and I KNOW just how fast they grow up, but I have no desire to correct his grammar and am confident he will not be saying it forever.  Also, I think it is a much nicer way of saying he doesn't like something.  Instead of him saying, "I hate _______,"  He says, "_______ is my worst favorite.  It puts a whole positive spin on things in my mind!

Tonight at dinner he told us that, "His worst favorite part of school was DOL." (DOL stands for Daily Oral Language.)  My husband began to correct him, "You mean your least favorite."  But, he could not really get the words out because of my loud, "SHHHH!"  And then my whisper to him, "Do not correct him, that is the cutest saying ever and I am not ready for it to go away!"

Then, after the kids were in bed my husband and I were looking over the paperwork that had come home and we came across some of the most delightful little stories our 6 year old son wrote and illustrated at school.  The phonetic spelling had us consumed laughter.  "Wus thar wus a Oshin." translates to "Once there was an ocean."

But honestly, why is ocean spelled like it is instead of "oshin"?  I think my 6 year old is on to something!

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  1. Spelling and grammar are important but it's also important to delight in life's small things, like you did. Kids are only young once and seeing the things they draw and hearing the things they say at that age is so much fun.


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