Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Celebrating with My Girl

A few months back when I asked my daughter what she wanted to do to celebrate her 9th birthday, what she wanted most was not a friend birthday party or tons of presents.  What she wanted was to go away for a night at a hotel with me.

Just she and I.

So that's exactly what we did last Friday night.  I dropped off my younger 3 kids to my husband at work a bit earlier than he'd typically leave and we were off for our special mother-daughter getaway.  We stayed in town because we didn't need elaborate scenery, just a pretty room, a fun pool, and time together which we could find in our own city without a long drive.   We had dinner by the pool, swam until after bedtime, played a new card game back in our hotel room, cuddled up to read a little Anne of Green Gables, and slept in the following morning with no loud siblings waking her up, we had a nice breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and then hit the pool for more swimming before checking out and heading home.  I even went down the pool's waterslide with her multiple times!

It was pretty perfect, certainly memories I'll treasure!  And as a bonus, the whole thing was cheaper than most friend birthday parties would have been!!

She was pretty pleased with our fancy breakfast at the hotel:

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!  What a blessing it is to have you as a daughter!


  1. That is so sweet that is the type of party she wanted. Cherish those mommy-daughter moments.

  2. That is so sweet! What a perfect birthday for both her and you!


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