Monday, September 8, 2014

My 4th Time to Attend Kindergarten Parent's Night

Tonight I attended the kindergarten parents open house for my 4th child.

It is the night when parents go up to the school without the kids and sit in their child's extremely tiny desk and listen to the teacher talk about what to expect from the year.

I love our kindergarten teacher, my 3 older kids all had this same teacher!

My husband, of course, felt we did not need to go to the kindergarten open house night.  "We have done kindergarten 3 times before!!" he insisted.  But, I countered with that each year there are some changes and we needed to hear the deal for this year.

I was so glad I went, there was a little letter from each child to their parents and then a blank one where the parents were to write back to their kids, I don't want to imagine my little girl arriving at school tomorrow and not having a note from her parent!

But, as I sat there in kindergarten open house for the 4th time, I felt old.

There were parents with their 1st child in kindergarten who were shiny and eager and full of questions!  Three of them had signed up as room parents (even a mom and dad pair which I've never seen in 6 years of having a child in elementary school) and they want to have a class family bowling night so we can all get to know one another.  They were so precious and enthusiastic that I immediately felt guilty for going into the night with the sole goal of not signing my name next to anything!  So, I came home and emailed one of them to sign up for a volunteer role they needed help with.  Never mind the fact that I've already taken a recurring role in my 4th grader's class and also in my 2nd grader's class!  Just somebody keep me from clicking "reply" on that middle school request for volunteers!

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