Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Evening I Went Back to Middle School

Here's the schedule my husband and I got to run through tonight at our son's middle school open house.  (The kids only go to all 8 classes on Fridays and the other days just half the classes, either odd or even periods, which is why our schedules didn't have us go to the periods in numerical order.):

We got 5 minutes in between classes just like our son gets, only he has to go to his locker and we didn't have to do that step.  Then we were in each of his 8 classes for a total of 7 minutes!  SEVEN minutes!  Can you imagine?  We at least got to put a face with a name for each of his teachers, but the 7 minutes was a complete blur of them fast-talking through their goals/policies/procedures/upcoming projects before that obnoxious bell ringing cut in and sent all of us parents scampering on our way again!

I'm proud to say my husband and I were not late to any of our child's classes but if you tested me on any of the information covered in that hour and a half of open house, 7 minutes with 8 different teachers, I'm sure I'd perform pretty poorly.  Just thankful they didn't make us change into gym clothes for P.E.!

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