Thursday, November 20, 2014

One Week of Winter Was More Than Enough!

Well, winter came and went here for us in the South.  It was rough week of temps dipping into the mid 30s which is super cold for us in November!  Of course it's nothing like many of you have experienced around the country from this cold snap.  But, keep in mind that we Southerners who live at sea level just are not made for the cold, not to mention we do not own proper coats or gloves or really even know what winter gear is.  So, there was a lot of whining during our week of cold.  And also 2 different outside school field trips that I chaperoned on 30 & 40 degree days.  For the 2nd grade field trip to the Arboretum I had 11 kids in my group and I can say that at the end of the day I loaded 11 kids back on the bus, but I cannot say the same for the gloves of all those 11 kids, we definitely lost some along the way!

The only way my kids and I got through the cold snap was this:

Every day!

I'll have you know that is HOMEMADE whipped cream on that hot chocolate.  Not because I am such a chef, but out of pure desperation because we ran out of the canned spray kind!  I had a half-used carton of whipping cream in the fridge and was able to demonstrate to the kids that it does in fact turn into whipped cream with enough beating!

Now we are back to 70 degrees so all is right in my world again!  Really, I'm doing well to get my 4 kids out the door on time for school each day, throw in 4 pairs of gloves and hats and y'all I need a serious nap by 8am!


In other news, one Saturday morning recently (after swim practice, hence the 11 year old sporting the swimsuit and sweatshirt look) my husband and oldest son realized we'd never taught Little Girl how to play baseball, so they set to the task:

She learned quickly as she seems to learn everything involving physical ability

My husband and son soon announced that she was "really pretty good" and wouldreally do well on a softball team.  To which I asked, "So who has time to get her to and from practice?"  Nobody, that's who.  So, for now she'll just have to show off her stuff in the backyard!

The girls made this book together with some really cute illustrations:


And then there was a costume contest.  The boys were the judges, like literally scored their sister's costume creations for several different criteria, including creativity!  Here my younger daughter is a cupcake and my older daughter is a marshmallow!

I'm not sure what this was; it was in the "fantasy" category, but I think her serious pout face makes the outfit!


I'm feeling a bit proud of myself that I've already bought some Christmas gifts, but really still in denial that next week is Thanksgiving already!!!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. Love the dress up pictures. My grandchildren love to dress up and dance.

  2. I have grandsons and have encouraged dress up by buying them a costume in the fall. They have been pirates, dinosaurs, Teenage mutant turtles, ninja's etc. I buy for the oldest since he was small and so their costume trunk is full with sizes for both of them.

  3. School has been delightful this year (mostly), so I am much more cheerful than ever and excitedly looking forward to the holidays. I've already bought a number of gifts and even put some Christmas decorations up already.I'm almost certain I've never done that before Thanksgiving before.

    Your yard is a beautiful place to play :)

    Thanks for linking up. Have a great week!


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