Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby Pictures

Ah, baby pictures.  We all have them of ourselves as chubby little babies and we all treasure the tons we have of our own precious babes!  

Only that's not the case for everyone.  Many children who lost their first families, and are orphans or have been adopted, do not have baby pictures.  No sweet images of their babyhoods!

I stood up in a court room last Thursday and fought for two precious children from my Child Advocates case, children who have been without family for far too long.

It was not easy, there was opposition to my recommendations.  But, I had many friends praying for the situation, for God to give the judge wisdom.  And an hour into the hearing when it really began looking like things were not going in the direction I wanted and truly believe is best for these two children, I prayed right there in the courtroom standing before the judge (silently, of course).  And God worked in His mighty way! After a short recess we came back and the judge granted my recommendations for a plan for these children to give them what every child should have, family!

Outside the courtroom, as we worked out the details of visitation with a family member who the children have not seen in years, she asked the kids if they had any questions for her.  The 10 year old boy sheepishly asked, "Do you have any baby pictures of me?"

Oh, my heart!  Sweet boy who has been through so much!  But, God is a God of restoration.  And this relative DOES have baby pictures!

May all children have families to cherish them.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I often think of the children who grow up without the love and security and safety that our children have been given. Thank you for fighting for these children!


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