Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas isn't really over.

How is it that Christmastime seems to go so quickly from this:

To this:

And before you know it you're ringing in the new year with sparkling grape juice and 2015 pancakes

And the tree is undecorated and the children get to watch from the playroom window as the iron claw from the recycling truck picks it up from our curb on January 2nd and hauls it away.

Christmas is over, boxed up, hauled off, and we're on to all things newNew calendars, new goals, new plans, a new school semester.

But the old magic of Christmas never ends.  That baby in the manager is the same savior for you and me today in 2015 as He was over two thousand years ago when the angels declared his birth!

So call it denial, that I don't want to face the reality of packing 4 lunches at 7am tomorrow, but I'm claiming Christmas has not ended.  Yes, the decorations are down, but The Greatest Gift is one that keeps on giving.  And praise God for that, because truly, I need a savior all year round!

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