Monday, February 16, 2015

A Girly Weekend

A few weeks ago, my husband took our boys on a father-son overnight camping trip.  They had tons of fun and while they were away, my daughters and I had some awesome girl time.

First on the agenda was a tea party dinner that we ate on the good china, followed by a girly movie.  There was also some fingernail painting and I taught them how to make pom-poms out of yarn.

After we'd made several, we used some baker's twine threaded through a large needle and sewed right through the center of each pom-pom to make a garland.

The girls were super excited to hang the garland in in their room!

Checkout this website for great pom-pom making instructions.

We had so much fun that the girls were a little sad to see the boys come home!


  1. So cute! For the record, my girls are 24 and 26 and girls weekends never get old : )

  2. That is SO adorable!! (As are the two who made the pom-poms!) What a fun night for you ladies! Hope your guys had a fun camping trip, too! :)


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