Thursday, January 1, 2009

Organization: It's All About the Containers, My Friends!

This may not come as a news flash to anyone else, but organization really is all about the containers! I've heard this before, I've used a few here and there, but now, I'm obsessed! I have gotten very serious about organizing the last few months. In case any of you have New Year's resolutions to get more organized, I thought I'd post a little of my progress in the hopes that it will help you conquer your clutter. Our house is very much a work in progress!

First, is a picture of a cabinet in the master bathroom. Suddenly, bandaids, lotion, cotton balls, etc. are organized! I bought these containers cheap at Target and threw the stuff in based on grouping like things together, added a little label maker magic and I was done! Bathroom cabinet transformed into a space where even my husband can find things, amazing!
Next is a picture of pull-out shelves we have in some of the kitchen cabinets. I found the sides were too low and things like sippy cups tended to fall out when the shelf was pulled out (especially if pulled out with the gusto of a 3 year-old in search of a sippy cup!) But guess what? Containers to the rescue again! I created deeper sides, not by calling and paying a carpenter to create drawers there instead of pull-out shelves, no, I stuck in a container! No more sippys tumbling over!

I promise to post more organization pics as I get them. Containers have done wonders for the playroom, too, but it is too messy to photograph at the current moment. I'm sure you understand!

I am so obsessed with containers I even put them on my Christmas wishlist and am thrilled I got some! Thanks Dad, there is truly no better gift than 20 new, empty, plastic containers with lids that I can use anywhere I like!