Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Works for me Wednesday: Outside kid table

I am a huge fan of pretty much anything that provides a little less mess in my life and for that reason I love our outdoor kid table!

The kids can play with Play-doh out there and the mess of tiny bits of every color imaginable is not on my kitchen floor! Also, there are certain particularly crumbly snacks that I only let my kids eat if they head outside to eat it!

Here's a link to the Little Tikes Fold 'N Store Table with Market Umbrella
like the one we have.

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  1. wow that is great! i need a nice table for my daughter and her friends, i will have to check it out and glad you have given it a thumbs up!

  2. We just built a fort/swing set that has a picnic table and I am so excited about it!

  3. Oh I love that table desgin!! TFS!


  4. I used a small table for my kids when they were little. I hung onto it because they like to use it outside for a lemonade stand. It's tough and cleans up easily.

  5. We love our Step 2 table...there's nothing we wont do with it.


  6. That sure made me smile. My five kids have outgrown the playdough stage, but I used to do the same thing. Throught the years we wore out two plastic picnic tables- a little tykes one, and a step 2.

    I love Sanctus Reals 'Whatever your doing" It is my lifes theme song!

  7. I used a table like this for my little ones and it was priceless!

  8. Hurray for outside tables!!

  9. I wish we could get one of those, but the people around our apt. are morons and will steal anything and everything you leave outside. And if they don't get to it first, the maint. guys will throw it in the dumpster.


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