Saturday, January 30, 2010

He shouldn't be an orphan in Haiti!

I don't usually post over the weekends, but this is important!

I've been following the story of Debra (who I actually met a couple weeks ago at a blogger dinner) who was in the process of adopting a boy from Haiti and after the earthquake it at first appeared her adopted son, Ronel, would come home to the US with a group of orphans to be united with their adoptive families in the US, but just before the plane left last week, it was discovered that Ronel was missing one piece of paperwork, so he could not go. A missionary who happened to be with Ronel the night after he was left behind wrote about the experience and to say it is heartbreaking is an extreme understatement.

Debra's husband flew to Haiti last week and is currently sleeping in the American embassy in Haiti with Ronel, trying his hardest to get clearance to fly back home with his adopted son. But each day it doesn't happen. Debra says her husband is determined not to leave Haiti without his son.

So what can we do to help? Read an overview of the story here and you'll also get some addresses and phone numbers for key officials you can contact to voice your concern.

If enough people speak up and pray; there could be a miracle and Ronel could be home in the U.S. holding his new baby brother. Yes, Debra and her husband had a baby just 6 weeks ago!

Our God is bigger than government red tape!

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  1. I've been tweeting this all over, and yesterday all of my kids prayed for Ronel and his adoptive family. It doesn't seem like much, but it's all I know to do.


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