Monday, February 15, 2010

Embellish a t-shirt!

Believe it when I say, if I can do a craft, nearly anyone can do it!

My daughter has some cute red print pants but was lacking in shirts to go with them.

So here's what I did:

I bought a basic plain white long-sleeve t-shirt for cheap, got inspiration from the flowers on this dress and added my own red rosettes.

To make the flowers, I cut 1 inch wide strips of fleece from an old sweatshirt my boys had outgrown. I twisted and wrapped the strip of fleece until it looked like a flower. Then I just hand sewed the flower together and very simply hand stitched the 3 different rosettes to the shirt.
So easy, and the result was a custom t-shirt that was just perfect to match the pants she already had!

I made a matching hair clip by putting three rosettes together.

Easy, cheap, and my daughter got compliments when she wore the outfit -- definitely my kind of craft!

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  1. What a cute shirt! You are so crafty, but in a practical way. Not in a Martha way. That is a good thing. lol. I couldn't resist.
    I bet your daughter is extra proud of it, too.
    Thanks for sharing a great tip/craft and linking up to Try and Tell. I really appreciate it. :-)

  2. That's great! I know I was amazed when I saw how easy making rosettes is! I think I might try this w/ my 3 YO, who needs things to match a few pairs of pants!

  3. That is so incredibly cool!!!I still have to try my hand at that dress. I'm just waiting for my daughter to stain the bottom and not the top of her shirt. :)

  4. Cute! How will you wash it? Inside-out and hang dry? I'm always worried that my hand-made creations will fall apart after laundry day!

  5. Very cute. Makes me wish I could sew.

  6. Oh this is so cute! Makes me wish I had a daughter!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I've got one little girl and five boys. I think my little girl needs a cute shirt like this, don't you?

  8. ehhh it's cute but i'd never put something like that on my clothes.


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